Sturdy Extra Links for Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong/Pinch Collar 50135 010 (55) 1/11 inch (2.25 mm)


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  • Model: HS72#1029 extra link for 50135 010 (55) Pinch Collar

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Impressively Strong Link for Dog Pinch Collar

Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed that our favourite metal dog collar will serve the pet's teaching for always. So, if you find that your canine's behavior correction supply is too small and may hurt him, you are welcome to check extra links for the very model you own. The links are recommended to buy when your canine has gained weight or grown up. Such items will help you to make the accessory larger! So, don't waste money on a new collar! Make your purchase on this page!

Is produced from the stainless steel

Remarkable stainless steel link for dog collar

Herm Sprenger company produces extra links for their collars, and we find it quite reasonable. So here is one of them! The link is made of stainless steel stuff and is really reliable. The metal is non-toxic and will result in no harm to the canine's health. Your doggy will stay healthy and safe with it!
The steel is stainless, thus resistant to rust and corrosion. It doesn't require any special care, just try to avoid damage. Still, the material is very practical, aesthetically beautiful and noble. The link itself suits this Stunning Stainless Steel Prong Collar. It is a good opportunity to save money when your canine has put on weight or just grew up. Each link is 1 1/5 inch (3 cm) in length. So, count the number of items and add them to your shopping cart! Enjoy long service of the collar and the canine's behavior!

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