Curogan Dog Pinch Collar with Nylon Loop - 50004 nylon (67) 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)


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  • Model: HS20#1029 50004 (67) nylon (3.25) Pinch Collar

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Exquisite Dog Training Curogan Pinch Collar with Nylon Loop and Quick Release Buckle

No one would like his doggy be naughty and uncontrollable. Each dog owner wishes to have a reliable friend. Unfortunately, not all the canines have a docile temper. Lots of them are pretty stubborn and never obey the commands of their handlers. Still, there is a way to make your pet more obedient - it is Herm Sprenger curogan dog pinch collar! The tool is designed in accordance with the world quality standards, therefore, will cause no problems to your canine's health. The principle of the work of the gear is that it pinches the skin of the dog when the lead is pulled. The pet feels discomfort and stops misbehaving. Isn't it amazing? Hurry up to provide your four-legged friend with the proper tool for his obedience education!

Natural effect is caused thanks to the blunted prongs

High-Grade Dog Pinch Collar

Key features of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Antiallergic Curogan alloy
  • Absolutely free of nickel
  • Prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • Nylon loop instead of martingale chain
  • Quick release buckle
  • New design with middle plate
  • 2 ways leash attachment
  • Extra strong material
  • Shiny like golden one
  • Looks even better then usual stainless steel collars
  • Suits both long and shorthair breeds

Intended use of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Walking
  • Dog training

Sizes available:

  • 23 inch (58 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)


  • Curogan

Don't you think it is time to show your canine how a real champion should behave? Do you need some help? Just order this remarkable dog collar for behavior correction. The item is intended to help handlers to cope with the stubbornness of their four-pawed friends. The collar consists of 10 links and a new design middle plate. The links have prongs inside that pinch the pet's skin when the leash is drawn. Do not be afraid, the pinches are blunted and will not injure your doggy.
The collar is made of the curogan alloy and is completely safe to the health of the pet. It does not include toxic substances, so will result in no allergy or skin irritation. The item produces a natural effect on the skin of the dog which reminds them of their mothers' bites. So, they understand that some of their actions are wrong.
This pinch collar consists of removable links. So, if your pet grows or gains weight, you can order an additional link, 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) long. Furthermore, the tool is equipped with a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to put on and off the pet's neck. No difficulties in use are waiting for you!
Note! Curogan collars should work for other colors of fur. It is anti-allergic and it is ok for all dogs, except for those with white fur. Stainless steel collars should be offered for dogs with white fur.
Please, mind:

  • it is possible to order nylon protector for this stunning collar. It will make the tool less noisy, look like an ordinary one and protec from excessive sunlight;
  • never leave your canine unattended when wearing this tool.
If you need a collar of another size, check the table, please:
Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
1/8 inch (3.25 mm) link diameter Curogan-Dog pinch collar with nylon loop and quick release buckle - 50004 nylon (67) 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)

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