Dog Pinch Collar for Behavior Correction - 1/9 inch (3.0 mm) 50115 (13) Antique Copper plated

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  • Model: HS28#1029 50115 (13) (3.00) Antique Copper

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Mind-Boggling Dog Obedience Training Pinch Collar

Think your bad boy/girl should be taught good manners but do not know how to do it? Consider this fascinating pinch collar produced by Herm Sprenger! The tool is created for those owners who are tired of searching for the solution and want to finish with the canine's misbehavior once and for all! The construction of the collar enables to save the pet from the unwanted stress. The pinches of the tool remind mother's dog biting, so they are quite ok with this effect. Still hesitate? This collar is used by lots of professionals! Hurry up to get one for your four-legged friend!

Antique copper-plated pinch dog collar

Phenomenal Pinch Dog Collar

Key features of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Prongs symmetrically arranged around the collar
  • Swivel for better handling
  • Middle plate
  • Extra strong
  • Suits long and shorthair breeds
  • Looks amazing on dog's neck

Intended use of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • To solve problems with behavior
  • Safe walking
  • To train your dog to obey

Sizes available:

  • 22 inch (55 cm) in length
  • 1/9 inch (3.00 mm) prong's diameter


  • Antique copper plated steel

A pinch collar is a quick and effective tool to influence pet's behavior. It is meant to correct it as soon as possible and to make the doggy obey commands quickly. This antique looking Herm Sprenger dog collar is a rare combination of fashion and reliability. It will help you to teach the pet obedience in a natural way. The effect the item produces on the canine's skin reminds mother's dog bite when a puppy misbehaves. The gear is manufactured from steel and antique copper - an applied dull matt copper finished with areas if darker relief which gives emphasis to the parts of the product. Thanks to it, the supply looks original.
The stuff used for the item is health-friendly, so you shouldn't worry that the canine will suffer from it. The collar is 22 inch (55 cm) long with 1/9 inch (3.00 mm) prong's diameter. The prongs are blunted and cannot injure the pet's skin. The links of the supply are removable. You can order additional if the pet's neck circumference is more than 22 inch (55 cm). Each link can add 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) to the total length of the gear. The weight of the item is about 7 oz (200 g).
Pay attention:

  • Pinch collar should be put on and taken off before and after daily training sessions.
  • Choose the precise size of the tool for your four-pawed friend.
  • If you need a collar of another size, check the table, please:

    Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
    1/6 inch (3.99 mm) link diameter Dog pinch collar - Antique Copper plated steel 24 inch (63cm) long

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