Safe and Durable Puppy French Linen Bite Sleeve


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  • Model: PS0F#1029 Puppy sleeve

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Reliable Dog French Linen Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training

Still hesitating whether your young pet needs a bite sleeve or not? Stop doing that! Of course, he does need it! Do you know any other trustworthy way of developing his bite grip and introduction to bite work? Share it with us!
Anyway, we would like to introduce to you one of the most desirable tools for all the dog owners. Meet French Linen Bite Sleeve for Puppies! Using this product you will forget about all the problems connected with poor stuff. This gear will serve you for ages and you will absolutely like working with it! Get your doggy involved into the biting work!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffStrong Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training
  • Provided with strong handleLightweight and Soft French Linen Sleeve for Puppy Training

Key features of this puppy sleeve:

  • made of 100% dog safe materials
  • very soft material
  • soft bite surface for puppies
  • soft interior
  • handle outside and inside
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • wall hang loop - stay organized

Intended use of this puppy sleeve:

  • introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • working on bite drive
  • playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game

Aiming to achieve excellent results in training we often forget about the most important feature of the product - its quality. We would like to tell you few words about this Puppy Bite Sleeve.
Firstly, being made of high grade stuff it will cause no allergy, skin irritation or other unwanted consequences which poor quality materials usually cause.
The item is very durable as it is made of strong French linen material. It is used for producing most of the bite tugs, so you can see that it is use-proven. Besides, for you not to worry our craftsmen stitched it thoroughly, so that the parts won't tear apart. Though, the fabric is strong its surface very soft and your puppy will be stimulated to bite it again and again.
Thanks to the light weight of the gear you will not feel soon tired and will be able to train your puppy with no breaks. By the way, this sleeve fits both your arms. Moreover, the item is supplied with outside and inside flexible nylon handles which allow you to use the sleeve in off arm training.
You see, that the outfit has no metal and plastic parts and your four-legged friend will not get injured during training session. Isn't your pet's safety important for you? Purchase this bite sleeve and you'll never regret!

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