Remarkable Dog Bite Sleeve Cover Made of Jute


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  • Model: PSC1#1029 Dog bite sleeve cover jute Good training*

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Extra Strong Bite Sleeve Protection

Each dog sleeve needs a perfect cover for the long service and reliability. This cover will protect a bite sleeve from different kinds of damage. It is recommended to use during long training sessions. The cover will prolong the life of the bite sleeve you use and will make it more strong and durable. It is easy to use and is supplied with a comfy handle for reliable fixation. All you need to do is to put this item on the sleeve and start training your dog safely!

Natural jute bite cover

Reliable Bite Sleeve Cover

Key features of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit
  • Outside control handle
  • Safe jute with increased durability
  • Leather loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Goes perfect with our protection sleeves
  • Fits most major sleeves


  • Jute

It will fit perfectly:

Getting this unbelievable sleeve cover you get the item that will protect your hands from dog bites better than an ordinary bite sleeve. Your hands will be protected from injuries and you will be always safe when educating your canine.
The supply is manufactured from the natural fabric, called jute. It is super strong, tear- and wear-resistant. There is no doubt, that the tool will serve you for long and will prolong the life of the bite sleeve. The cover doesn't have any harmful chemicals in the composition. It will not threaten the dog's health and you can be sure in his safety. No stomach problems, no allergy or skin irritation, no rash and itching! The pet's teeth will not be damaged and oral cavity hurt because the item has no metal or plastic parts.
The cover is equipped with leather loops that are intended for comfortable and fast sleeve attachment. It will not take much time to adjust the supply to the bite sleeve. Furthermore, you can easily change the cover when it is spoiled. The item is also equipped with an outer handle that helps to hold the sleeve reliably. It will not rub your hands.

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