Incredible French Linen Bite Sleeve Cover


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  • Model: PSC4#1029 French Linen - Dog bite sleeve cover

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Comfortable to use bite sleeve cover

Want to train your doggy effectively? Get this splendid French linen cover! This tool is made by professionals to protect the bite sleeve you use from being torn and damaged soon. It fully corresponds to all the necessary requirements and is completely safe for the dog. The cover is easy to use and is removable. So, you can change it if it is spoiled somehow.

It has soft interior padding

Breathtaking Bite Sleeve Cover

Key features of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Interior padding for easy on/off fit
  • Outside control handle
  • Safe French linen with increased durability
  • Leather loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Goes perfect with our protection sleeves
  • Fits most major sleeves

Think it is impossible to get the proper stuff spending not much money on it? This cover will prove the different! The item has a reasonable price and is a high-quality product. Being manufactured from the strong French linen, it is almost impossible to be damaged. Besides, the stuff, used for its production is wear resistant and will keep its form for long. The cover doesn't need any special care and can be cleaned from the mud just with a cloth. The item is stitched for more durability and can have different coloring. It doesn't mean that it goes only in red.
The accessory is completely safe for the pet's health as it is non-toxic. The cover is supplied with a soft handle that helps much to improve the canine's education. Besides, it enables to manipulate the item during teaching. Be sure, you will like it!
Please, don't leave the pet alone with it and mind, that this item is not a chewing toy.

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