French Linen Introductory Puppy Bite Sleeve


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  • Model: PS00#1029 Puppy Sleeve

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Basic Introductory French Linen Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training

Even a puppy knows that being trained with high grade equipment guarantees less vet visits, that is why they always want to get more attention everywhen and everywhere!
This French Linen Bite Sleeve was designed according to a secret technology specially for your four-legged friend! It is manufactured in the way that will never do harm to your little child and he will always train with it gladly!
Bite pad is intended for training bite skills and developing natural instincts in your young friend! Using this gear you will be able to combine training with playing. Start training from the early age and see how proud you will be of your canine in the future!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffStrong Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training
  • Provided with strong handleLightweight and Soft French Linen Sleeve for Puppy Training

Key features of this puppy sleeve:

  • made of 100% dog safe materials
  • very soft material
  • thin bite surface for puppies
  • soft interior
  • handle

Intended use of this puppy sleeve:

  • introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • working on bite drive
  • playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game

Size of the puppy sleeve:

  • width - 8 inches (20 cm)
  • length - 12 inches (30 cm)

The sleeve is made of:

  • French linen

What is this item made of?
Our craftsmen have used soft, durable and non-toxic French linen for you to enjoy the long service of this Bite Sleeve! It is the material which is used for making sleeves, sleeve covers, bite tugs and toys. It is use-proven and worth buying! The tool will not lose its shape because the stuff this sleeve is made of does not stretch! It is resistant to many outer factors which may spoil the gear.
Why is it recommended for your young doggy?
Every dog owner cares a lot of his canine's health, that is why it is very important for us to buy only high quality equipment for dogs.
Though, French linen is synthetic material, it will do no harm to your pet and will not result in allergy, skin irritation, etc. Moreover, it has no metal or plastic parts which may injure puppy's oral cavity or damage his teeth.
Why is it comfortable to use this sleeve?
The supply is extremely lightweight and you will not feel soon tired wearing it. It will fit both your arms, so it doesn't matter whether you're right- or left-handed. It is stitched manually for additional strength and has a durable handle, which makes the training more comfortable and safe.
Furthermore, the sleeve is easy to clean! You can use dry cleaning, washing or steaming but do not spoil the item!

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