Intermediate Jute Bite Sleeve for Dog Training


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  • Model: PS23#1029 New Army bite sleeve jute

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Strong and Reliable Dog Jute Bite Sleeve

If you own a service dog, you certainly need a bite sleeve that will help you to develop his abilities on the high level. So, we would like to introduce you a stunning accessory that was created for this purpose exactly. This ambidextrous bite sleeve will help you to involve your doggy into police, guard and protection dog training and to reach success in these units. The supply is absolutely safe for pet's health and is gentle to his teeth. It will deliver great joy to your canine and make bite training his favourite occupation. Still don't have this jute bite sleeve? Hurry up to make your order here!

Army training jute dog bite sleeve

Remarkable Dog Bite Sleeve for Effective Training

Key features of this Army Jute Bite Sleeve:

  • Made of jute
  • Imitates bite suit arm
  • Hard handle inside
  • Ambidextrous - fits left and right arm
  • Up to shoulder protection

Intended use of this Army Jute Bite Sleeve:

  • Police/army training
  • Guard dog training
  • Protection training
  • Special units training


  • Jute


  • Ambidextrous

This amazing bite sleeve is manufactured from natural and eco-friendly jute stuff. Thanks to the absence of toxicants, the material is hypoallergenic and dog's health friendly. It is strong and can resist the canine's biting and tugging perfectly. The sleeve has no metal or plastic outside parts but is stitched on the surface for more durability.
Speaking about special features of this training item, it should be mentioned that the inside part of the sleeve is padded and lined. The supply has leather covered inside handle that is comfy to grab. It doesn't rub or scratch the palms and allows to hold the sleeve securely during the training session.
This superior bite sleeve has perfectly angled bite bar and is very convenient to fit. The item covers the whole arm up to the shoulder. It is recommended to use for training pets until the age of 12 months. The sleeve is created for a long time using, so do not hesitate whether to buy it or not. The answer is obvious!

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