Protection Hidden Jute Dog Bite Sleeve for Schutzhund Training

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  • Model: PS12#1029 Dog hidden protection sleeve made of jute

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Hidden Protection Training Bite Sleeve with Velcro Ability

Dog bite sleeve is a necessary training instrument. Custom Jute Bite Training Sleeve is shown here. This gear is destined for working with young and adult canines. This product is the choice of those who demand the finest. It is one of the most copied sleeves on the market.
While making the gear our specilaists follow the international cynological standards. Due to the requirements of professional dog trainers and handlers this sleeve is made comfortable, strong and safe. This protection sleeve is an irreplaceable part of dog bite training. It is helpful for development of bite skills and hunting instincts in working dogs. The most demandable dog goods have been designed for a number of years in our family workshop. Our training sleeves are famous for their quality and reliability.

Customers wanting to train their canines properly are sure to appreciate the utility of this equipment. The protection sleeve is constructed of durable jute material. This material is usually used to work with sporting dogs and service K9's.

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  • Strong bite dog sleeve hidden protection Bite work is a success with hidden protection jute sleeve
  • Adjustable hidden dog bite sleeveDog jute bite sleeve can be worn on right or left arm

Key features of this Canine Protection Bite Sleeve:

  • Highest quality custom product
  • Velcro ability
  • Mega strong
  • Perfect design
  • Hand crafted
  • Easy adjustable
  • Lightweight for better mobility
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Already tested and approved by professional trainers in many countries

Intended use of this Hidden Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • Personal protection training
  • Police, Schutzhund, military training
  • Working with sporting dogs
  • Other bite sleeve work

Material used:

  • Tightly woven jute

Available colors:

  • May vary

It is worth knowing:

We use pet-friendly materials to construct this dog bite sleeve. Bite sleeve is made of strong and safe hypoallergenic materials for safe dog training and secure protection of helper. That is why either of you (your dog and you or his professional trainer) will not get intoxicated by the integrants of the item. Our canine equipment has been tested and approved by many dog handlers. This sleeve is high quality pet supply offering long time service and great functionality. After dog bites it quickly reshapes. Great bite sleeve for professionals and beginners. Completely harmless for dog teeth.

Ultra light weight - perfect for indoor and outdoor training. Fits for both arms – left and right. Equipped with Velcro closure to fit perfectly your arm. Teach your pet to develop his bite skills with confidence! The tool is used as a part of a bite suit (hidden bite sleeve).

This bite sleeve is ideal for such kinds of dog training, as guard dog training, protection dog training, K9 and police dog training. And if you are a novice in dog training, you can order this bite sleeve with plastic reinforcement. It will help you better protect your arm from dog bites. Anyway, beginner trainers had better work with their dogs under guidance of professional trainers.

Owing to elaborate design this sleeve can be placed at appropriate angle during bite work. It cleverly repeats the lines of your arm.

Take a look at dog hidden sleeve in 3D

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