Advanced Hand Protector for Schutzhund Training


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  • Model: PS17#1029 Palm protector

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Safe Palm Protector with Hard Handle Inside

Hand traumas can greatly influence people's capacity to work, so their protection means really much. On this page, utmost safety and palm protection are offered in the Like Leather Hand Protector. The item is created to guard your palms against the possible dog bites, scratches or any other injuries. It allows the pet's teeth to go a little inside but not too deep to keep your arm in safety. This palm protector is easy adjustable and comfy to wear. To learn more about the supply, please, read the information below.

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Simple-in-use palm protector

Dependable Palm Protector for Additional Safety

Hard padded handle in palm protector

Palm Protector with Hard Padded Handle Inside

Key features of this Palm Protector:

  • Hard handle inside
  • Dog safe material
  • Leather belt closure included
  • Ambidextrous - fits left and right arm

This Palm Protector is used:

  • In combination with bite suit
  • In combination with hidden sleeve
  • Attack/protection training
  • Special units training

Your safety is not less important than the safety of your furry friend. This palm protector is manufactured from the very strong material that will not let your canine hurt you even unintentionally. High-quality NK material, used for the creation of this item is safe for both your and your pet's health. It is used for the production of the bite sleeves, so is use-proven and very reliable.
This bite protector is made to assure a trainer's comfort. It not only makes you feel confident but convenient as well. The supply is equipped with an inside soft quick grip handle. The handle is padded for additional comfort and secure holding of the tool. The protector is ambidextrous and will be of great help during Schutzhund or police dogs' training as it also features durable buckle fastening. This item can be adjusted to your hand with the help of the leather belt closure. Be sure, it will never let you down. Provide yourself with the utmost safety!

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