"Beef-up" Young Dog French Linen Bite Builder


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  • Model: PBB5F1029 Young Dog Bite Builder made of French Linen

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Wonderfully Equipped French Linen Bite Builder for Young Dogs

Do you think it is difficult to find suitable equipment to start bite training with your young doggy? Those, who train their four-legged friends with the stuff from our store know that there is nothing impossible for our masters. They are great creators of essential gears!
This Dog Bite Builder with Inside Handles will reveal the talent of our craftsmen before you! You will discover all the potential of your puppy and will love training sessions with this tool! What can be more motivating than the pleasure got during training sessions?

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2 inside padded hard handles

Safely Equipped Bite Builder for Young Dogs

2 round padded hard handles

Ultimate Quality Fabric for Young Dog Bite Builder

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 2 round padded hard handles
  • 100% safe French linen materials
  • durable material
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • advanced bite training
  • building full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • building stronger grip


  • French linen


  • may vary

Purchasing poor quality equipment for our four-legged friends we take risks of making them suffer because of our thoughtlessness. This will never become the foundations of long-standing friendship. So, we should always think before purchasing tools for our beloved.
This Bite Developer is made of safe and non-toxic French linen which contains no chemicals that can adversely influence the canine's health. No one would like his four-legged friend to suffer. This gear has no outside metal or plastic parts which can hurt him and damage the teeth of a young dog. It is rather resistant but not too strong for your pet to lose his pearly whites.
The Bite Builder is made of durable French linen and is also stitched for utmost service life. However, you should remember that this supply is meant for biting work and you should not allow your canine to chew it. This item will help you develop his natural hunting and protective instincts, build full bite grip, making it stronger and build better position grip.
The item is equipped with 2 inside hard padded handles which give you extreme comfort when holding the developer. They allow you to use various maneuvers in order to avoid dog's biting. This product is probably the best for developing canine's natural instincts!

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