Jute Half Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training


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  • Model: PS0J#1029 Puppy sleeve made of Jute

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Extremely Durable Stitched Jute Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training

Don't you think that your adorable child needs proper training in order to become a wise and experienced adult? We know what will help you in your beginnings! Fantastic Jute Puppy Bite Sleeve is the best training tool for your beloved!
It will help you in introduction of your puppy to bite work and, of course, preparing him to his future service!
Don't you think that game is the best method of teaching? Just imagine - your doggy is involved in captivating activity and does not even suspect of being taught! He will like this style of studies! Teach your beloved while playing and the success will follow!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffStrong Bite Sleeve with Comfy Handle
  • Provided with strong handleLightweight and Soft Jute Sleeve for Puppy Training

Key features of this puppy sleeve:

  • made of 100% dog safe materials
  • very soft material
  • soft bite surface for puppies
  • soft interior
  • handle outside and inside
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • wall hang loop - stay organized

Intended use of this puppy sleeve:

  • introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • working on bite drive
  • playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game

Purchasing this Bite Sleeve you get an inconceivable chance to stay organized all the time! The outfit is supplied with special nylon loop which allows to hang the gear on the wall so that your puppy will not reach it in order to suit his own.
The item is made of high quality natural stuff which contains no injurious substances. As for this fact, jute fabric will never become the reason of your canine's feeling bad and will not result in allergy, skin irritation, stomach problems, etc. Due to the fact that the tool has no metal or plastic parts it will not wound your canine, so he is not exposed to the danger of getting inflammation produced by harmful bacteria.
Jute material is very durable by itself but our masters always want to reach better results in everything, so they stitched this sleeve with nylon thread for more durability. Be sure, that this product will serve you for ages!
Soft interior of the sleeve will not rub your skin. Moreover, the surface of the item is pleasant for puppy's gums and will not injure his oral cavity. He will be stimulated to bite and tug it again and again. This is multifunctional gear and will suit wonderfully for training police, military, and guard dogs.
Please, note that this is a half sleeve and it will provide protection only for forearm and not for shoulder.

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