French Linen Bite Protection Sleeve for Training Young and Adult Canines


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  • Model: PS24F1029 Dog bite sleeve french linen

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Arm Protection Sleeve for Young, Adult Dog Schutzhund Training

Looking for extra strong yet comfortable protection equipment? We are glad to offer you our handmade canine gear ideal for different kinds of dog training. This dog bite sleeve is meant for professional dog training. It is made of the same stuff  used for the production of the most popular bite gear. Such bite sleeve is designed to provide good protection the arm up to the elbow, it is also comfortable for wearing and it is ambidextrous - fits for both right and left arms. This protective sleeve is ideal for dog bite and retrieve building and bite skills improvement. This protection sleeve is recommended for young and adult canines.

Start training your pet effectively – use specialized tutorial gear – this very bite protection French linen sleeve. It is crafted by qualified specialists who work at its manufacture under guidance of experienced dog trainers. Its material is extra strong but at the same time safe for the dog’s teeth. At the same time the surface is soft enough for the dog to grasp it successfully with its mouth. Owing to durable construction the equipment reshapes easily after bite work. This item is hard to bite through that is why the helper or the handler is duly protected when dealing with a trained dog.

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffHighest Grade Quality Short Dog Bite Sleeve
  • Stitched with strong threadsAdjustable Wide Strap Helps to Fixate Training Sleeve Securely and Snugly

Key features of this Protection Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • Durable French Linen
  • 2 hard inner handles
  • Does not absorb wet and dirt
  • Fits both hands - left and right
  • Protects arm and elbow
  • Reliably stitched
  • Advanced bite area
  • Replaceable handles
  • Adjustable strap (elbow zone)
  • Dog-friendly materials

Intended use of this Training Canine Bite Sleeve:

  • Police and military dog training
  • Dog exercising
  • Bite building
  • Professional dog training
  • Army dog training
  • Dog snatch development


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg )

Available colors:

  • May vary

Our protective sleeve is equipped with 2 comfortable inner handles that enable the better arm mobility and maneuverability, help manage the procedure of dog training in the best way possible, supervise the dog training and hold the sleeve stronger. Bite sleeve is also rather lightweight - 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg) - if compared to other bite sleeves. However, please, be aware that this sleeve is short and does not protect the shoulder.

Schutzhund Training web-store takes care of canines and their owners - that is why we produce one of the safest dog equipment all over the globe. French Linen is a natural textile with fibers of flax plant origin. It doesn't contain any chemical substances or toxic particles so it is ecologically safe.

You can fit and fix the sleeve in comfortable way for the trainer/helper if using adjustable strap on the elbow zone. Be sure, the sleeve will not slip off from your arm during various dog training.

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