Ultra-Light Interchangeable Jute Bite Sleeve for Dog Training


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  • Model: PS25#1029 Intermediate dog bite sleeve

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Intermediate Dog Bite Sleeve for Advanced Training with Jute Cover

There exists a great variety of different bite sleeves but how can we define which one will be good for us? Let's enumerate the qualities which high grade tool is characterised by:

  • Reliable equipment must contain no harmful substances because pets should be trained in safety.
  • It must serve us for years because what is the use of wasting our money on the thing which will be damaged after the first training session?
  • The sleeve must protect us from being injured.
These and lots of other qualities are peculiar to the gear which we would like to offer you! This Training Bite Sleeve is best protective item you've ever met!

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Extremely lightweight stuff

Intermediate Dog Training Bite Sleeve

Adjustable strap (elbow zone)

Jute Dog Training Sleeve

Key features of this dog sleeve:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Advanced bite surface for young dogs
  • Soft interior
  • Outside round handle
  • Inside padded hard handle
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • Wall hang loop - stay organized
  • Hard plastic shoulder protection

Intended use of this dog sleeve:

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation

What is special of this tool and why do we advise you to buy it?
Firstly, it is designed so that you will find no difficulties using it. Owing to being equipped with outside round handle and one inside handle the tool is easy to hold. It will not fall off your hand during training session.
Secondly, it is made of maximum dog-friendly materials which do no harm to your canine's or your health. Using this supply will not result in allergies, skin irritations, rash. It will not rub your skin, damage your dog's teeth, injure his oral cavity, etc. It is absolutely harmless! Your canine will not get stomach problem because the stuff this sleeve is made of contains no injurious substances.
Thirdly, this outfit is very lightweight and you will not feel soon tired. The light weight of the product does not mean that it is bad protector. It will defend you like those heavy gears do! Besides, this sleeve is supplied with plastic protector which is intended to cover the shoulder from dog bites.
Please, note:
* This sleeve should be used with special cover if you want it to serve you for years and protect your arms fully. Depending on frequency of the usage the cover should be changed periodically but the sleeve itself will keep its shape. The cover costs much more less than the new sleeve. So, you will save your money.
Please, pay attention that this model of bite sleeve is used with a cover ONLY! Otherwise, we do not bear any responsibility for the condition of the sleeve that is used without a cover!

  • The tool can be cleaned easily as it is resistant to dirt and stains.
  • The price already includes jute cover.

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