Dog bite sleeve cover made of French linen with handle


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  • Model: PSC4#1029 French Linen - Dog bite sleeve cover

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Superior Dog French Linen Bite Sleeve Cover

Have you purchased a bite sleeve that needs special protection? This quality accessory will help you to cope with the task. This improbable French linen cover will provide you with additional safety and your dog with a splendid biting surface. The item has no outer metal or plastic parts, so it is absolutely safe to the canine. This cover is pleasant to bite and will stimulate the dog's interest in it. The supply has a reasonable price and will not let you down. So, hurry up to provide your doggy with the effective supply!

It has perfect interior padding

Premium Dog Bite Sleeve Cover

Key features of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Interior padding for easy on/off fit
  • Outside control handle
  • Safe French linen with increased durability
  • Leather loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Goes perfect with our protection sleeves
  • Fits most major sleeves

Protect your pet's bite sleeve from damage! This incredible cover is what you need exactly to guarantee long service of the canine's training equipment! The tool is made of durable French linen fabric. This stuff is often used for the production of such kind of gear, therefore is use-proven. The material is eco-friendly and safe to the canine's health. He will not suffer from allergy, rash or stomach problems.
The item is very strong indeed. It is a reliable training aid as it is stitched and glued in the most stressful points to reduce the risk or tearing. The stuff is meant to improve the bite skills of your pet, so will stand even very hard bites.
The tool is supplied with velcro closures to fit the bite sleeve perfectly. Besides, they assure its quick putting on and off. The cover is also equipped with one strong outer handle that helps to improve the process of training. Thanks to this tool you will be able to keep your dog's training sleeve in perfect condition for long!

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