Dog Bite Sleeve Jute Cover with nylon Handle


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  • Model: PSC491029 Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

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Reliable Dog Bie Sleeve Cover Made of Jute

You shouldn't worry if you've spoiled your canine's favourite bite sleeve! Now there is an opportunity to save it for more training sessions with this remarkable jute cover! This tool costs much less than a biting sleeve but is rather easy in use. The item is intended to save the surface of the sleeve and to bring only pleasure to the pet. The cover is made of top notch stuff and will not hurt the canine's health. So, get it and teach your doggy safely!

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  • Premium lightweight and strong stuffPleasant Dog Bite Sleeve Cover
  • The tool is stitched carefullyTrustworthy Jute Sleeve Cover

Key features of this Sleeve Cover:

  • carefully stitched
  • be-in-control handle
  • natural jute of supreme durability
  • strong loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Sleeve Cover:

  • goes perfect with the protection sleeves
  • police and military dog training
  • fits most major brands sleeves

Sizes available:

  • 3, 35 lb (1,52 kg)


  • jute

Get this jute cover and prolong the service of your dog's bite sleeve! The craftsmen have used only natural stuff for the production of this item, so it is absolutely free of any toxic substances and will cause no allergy, skin irritation or any other health problems to the canine. The tool is dog-friendly, so you shouldn't worry about any harmful influence.
The material, used for the creation of this cover, is natural jute. The fiber is very strong and can withstand the dog's biting and tugging. It will not be spoiled after the first training session and will last for long. The surface of the cover is challenging enough to keep your doggy biting.
The interior of the cover is padded for easy on and off sleeve fit, so it is convenient for your pet to bite. The wizards cared a lot not only of the pet but of your comfort as well. The supply is equipped with a nylon handle that is meant to make the process of bite education more productive. You can either manipulate the sleeve or put it on your hand. It is you who chooses. Have a nice time when teaching your canine!

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