High Grade Jute Bite Builder for Young Dogs and Puppies


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  • Model: PBB0J1029 Dog bite developer

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Extremely Durable Stitched Jute Bite Builder for Puppies and Young Dogs

If you've got a puppy but still do not know what to start with - you're on the right page! Here you will find the stuff which will help you to take the right decision and you'll be able start training your young four-legged friend!
From the early age dogs are fond of biting and chewing everything they see. We suggest your sending dog's energy to useful activities which will help you to develop his biting skills and introduce him to Schutzhund, Police and Military Training.
Our craftsmen designed this Reliable Jute Bite Builder exactly for the purpose mentioned above! They use secret technology which enables you to train your canine effectively in the future. Durable materials will not be stretched and spoiled soon after the first training session. So, you can rely completely on the work of our masters.

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffHighest Grade Quality Young Dog Training Equipment
  • Nylon loop for leash attachmentThoroughly Stitched Puppy Bite Builder

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 2 padded inside handles for better comfort and control
  • 100% dog safe materials
  • strong and durable material
  • nylon loop for leash attachment
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • elementary puppy bite training
  • full bite grip building
  • better position grip building
  • stronger grip building

Hurry up to ensure your puppy's fruitful training with our high quality products!
This bite builder is intended to develop your young canine's full bite grip. It is not expected to be used for advanced training but if your canine is the beginner you will be fully satisfied with the result of your training sessions.
The item is made of natural jute fabric which is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Hence, it will do no harm to your canine's health. Besides, it will not injure you. The materials used for the supply are not only totally safe but very durable also! Our craftsmen stitched the gear with nylon thread for its parts not to tear apart. It means that you will enjoy the long service of this outfit for many years!
This bite tool has no metal or plastic outside parts which could somehow wound your pooch's snout or injure his oral cavity. Is will not damage his teeth as well.
The item is very easy in use. It is equipped with 2 padded hard inside handles which allow you to hold it firmly while training. The supply was designed for basic training of puppies and young dogs. It will help you to develop your canine's full bite grip and to develop it to stronger one later.
Please, note that the bite builder is not a chewing toy, so do not allow your dog to chew it because he may damage the tug. Use this gear only for training purposes!

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