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  • Model: PS18#1029 - Shoulder protector

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Removable Shoulder Bite Protector for Dog Training

When training a dog not only he should be safe but you as well. If you think that it isn't important whether your shoulder shouldn't be protected, you bungle because pet education is an unpredictable process. No one knows what is going to happen, so you should take care of your outfit. This tool will protect your shoulder and be safe for both you and your canine. Safety is never too much. So, provide yourself with more comfort during the attack and agitation training of your doggy!

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  • The tool can stand pressure of your or your pet's bodyEasy removable Bite Sleeve Shoulder Protector
  • Easily removable NK Shoulder ProtectorHigh Quality Dog Shoulder Protector Sleeve

Key features of this Dog Shoulder Protector:

  • durable
  • only dog safe materials
  • protects shoulder area of the helper
  • easy removable
  • matches several models of bite sleeves

Intended use of this Dog Shoulder Protector:

  • bite sleeve removable part

Sizes available:

  • length - 11 4/5 inches (30 cm)
  • width - 7 inches (18 cm)


  • plastic covered NK material

This great supply will assure additional safety to your body. It is the best shelter for you from traumas and injuries. This strong shoulder protector is made of the plastic covered NK material and is very strong indeed. The construction of the tool gives much comfort and guarantees long service. Remember, that it is created to secure you in different activities, so is strong and reliable enough to withstand excessive overloads during the process of dog teaching.
The material, the shoulder protector is manufactured from, does not contain any harmful substances and will not result in allergies, skin irritations or itching to the pet. The supply can be used with different intermediate bite sleeves.

  • Because of the fact that there is no official standard for shoulder protectors we cannot guarantee that it will fit bite sleeves made by the other companies.
  • The supply will protect only your shoulder, not the whole arm.

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