Fire Flames Painted Leather Dog Muzzle for Attack/Agitation Training


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  • Model: M77FL1029 Handpainted Leather Muzzle

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Attack/Agitation Training Leather Dog Muzzle with Fire Flames Painting

Looking for protective dog equipment? Want to make your pet less vulnerable during attack training? You are welcome to appreciate our reinforced leather muzzle.

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Walking Dog Muzzle

Handpainted Dog Muzzle Fits The Dog Nicely

Pay your attention to this Leather Dog Muzzle with Fire Flames Painting. This muzzle belongs to a series of painted dog muzzles for attack and agitation training. Now it is available in "hot" design! You want to stress upon your dog's strength and energy? This muzzle is an excellent way to do it!

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  • Free breathing when muzzledSuitable for training and dog's daily life
  • The best tool for socializing your dogAmazing painting of fire flames

Key features of this Dog Muzzle:

  • strong genuine leather
  • special holes for air circulation
  • nose padding
  • front steel bar
  • anti-toxic paint
  • stitched at the edges
  • rivets for more durability
  • adjustable straps

Intended use of this Dog Muzzle:

  • attack/agitation training
  • safe walking in style
  • vet visit
  • travelling

Sizes available:

  • 3 sizes available

Available colors:

  • paint on black

How to measure your dog for good fit of this Leather Dog Muzzle:

How to  measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

You decided to start attack/agitation training? Do you know that dogs need protection as well as humans? This Leather Muzzle is equipped with special steel bar that supports the front part and nose, keeping your dog safe during attack work.

Although the main thing of this muzzle is its suitability for training work, you can use it in your dog's every day life as well.

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Handpainted Doberman Muzzle Made of Leather

Doberman Muzzle Leather Handpainted in Flames for Attack Training

Do not you find this dog well-equipped? Do you like how this Doberman looks? The reason of his fantastic appearance is the correctly selected outfit. He wears both a leather dog muzzle and a nylon collar.
This weatherproof patch dog collar has extremely light weight and will be a mean of identification for your Doberman.

Excellent design that keeps under control even the most aggressive dogs. This muzzle fully covers the dog's snout. When the size properly fits your dog, there is almost no chance for your dog to dislodge it with his paws. Due to this muzzle, your dog is totally safe fo surrounding people as it is impossible to bite someone in it. A good chance to start socializing your dog, don't you think so?

A lot of comfort. You need to keep your dog muzzled for rather long time? Try this muzzle and you will be surprised how great your dog feels in it. Soft nose padding protects your dog's skin from rubbing and irritation and allows him to stay joyful during all time of wearing the muzzle.

A good solution of the "garbage chewing" problem. It is the most annoying thing when you have a dog. He licks and chews everything he picks up from the ground: rocks, garbage, some toxic wastes and so on. Unfortunately, it can cause serious problems with the dog's health. This Leather Muzzle's design totally protects your dog from it. You can even take off the leash and allow him playing with other animals and people.

If you want the muzzle to work properly and serve your dog for a long time, be careful in measuring your dog's parameters. We can choose the correct muzzle's size only if you provide us with accurate numbers.

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Comfortable Leather Dog Muzzle

With This Muzzle On The Dogs Feel Relaxed

Easy  Walking Dog Harness

Attractive Leather Muzzle Does Not Discomfort The Dog

Everyday Leather Dog Muzzle with Good Air Flow for Golden Retriever

Art Leather Dog Muzzle Looks Well on Golden Retriever

Take a look at this dog, please. Do you know why he seems to be magnificent? The secret of his grand air is his ammunition - flames painted leather dog muzzle and harness. To order this agitation training fire flames painted harness you just need to follow this link.

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A certain famous owner and leader of the Kennel where various dog breeds are kept and also trained gained her many years’ training experience while dealing with her brother who was a well-known dog trainer. Before they had a rancho with lions, elephants and chimpanzees-different exotic animals who won fame starring in feature films in the past. This woman gave useful recommendations to dog handlers as for finding a good retreat for their dogs. Before handing a dog to somebody you should find out who this person is. But without doubt the person who will be next to take care for a dog should have a good “family instinct” to help the dog who is very attached to his previous owners not to feel lonely and left-off when living in another place. The environment where your dog is going to live without you must be checked for normalcy. It must be spacious, light and dry. A drinking water is to be within this dog’s grasp. So, when you inspect the premises you should pay a special attention to cleanliness of it as it is very important. There must be no secrets for those exploring a next dwelling place for their dogs, i.e. you have the right to look through everything you want to get a clear idea of the whole picture, and the owner of this house can’t object this.
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Check how our products look on the dogs / Pictures from Customers

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Fire Flames leather Tervuren muzzle

Painted flames Tervuren muzzle of genuine leather

Leather Tervuren muzzle for attack training

Reliable leather Tervuren muzzle for training

Heavy-duty genuine leather Tervuren muzzle

Strong heavy-duty leather Tervuren muzzle

Royal quality leather Tervuren muzzle

Royal quality genuine leather Tervuren muzzle

Tervuren muzzle with steel front bar

Reinforced Tervuren muzzle with leather covered steel front bar

Ventilated leather Tervuren muzzle with side holes

Leather Tervuren muzzle with side holes for better air flow

Perfect fit leather Tervuren muzzle

Stylish perfect fit leather Tervuren muzzle

Leather Tervuren muzzle for active rest

Comfortable leather Tervuren muzzle for active rest

Riveted leather Tervuren muzzle

Dependable riveted leather Tervuren muzzle

Tervuren leather muzzle with corrosion resistant fittings for any activity

Tervuren leather muzzle with reliable fittings for daily activity

Tervuren leather muzzle with duly riveted fittings for professional use

Tervuren leather muzzle painted with traditional buckle for walking

Tervuren leather muzzle painted with traditional buckle for walking in style

Tervuren leather muzzle with rustless hardware for professional use

Tervuren leather muzzle with durable nickel plated hardware for quality control

Tervuren leather muzzle with duly riveted fittings for utmost comfort

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