Barbed Wire Painted Leather Dog Muzzle for Attack/Agitation Training


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  • Model: M77BW1029 Agitation Training Painted Muzzle

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Attack Training Painted Leather Dog Muzzle

Desire to equip your pet appropiately? We are happy to offer you a handmade and handpainted leather dog muzzle! This gear is likely to become your favorite tool for handling latge or medium dog breeds!

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Walking Dog Muzzle

Beautiful Handmade Dog Muzzles Look Wonderfully On The Dogs

Talking about this Attack Training Leather Dog Muzzle with Barbed Wire painting we can name a lot of advantages: special design for dog attack training, excellent air flow or good protection from biting. But the most fascinating thing about this muzzle is that it has amazing look! You should really try it to see the talent of our artists. Wherever you use this muzzle, you will be glad that you've bought it, as your dog's comfort will be pleasure for your eyes.

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  • Perfect tool for attack trainingUse this Leather Muzzle in everyday dog's life
  • Perfect air ventilationComfortable wearing for your dog

Key features of this Dog Muzzle:

  • strong genuine leather
  • front steel bar
  • special holes for better air flow
  • adjustable head strap
  • barbed wire painting
  • non-toxic paint
  • full-snout design
  • carefully stitched at the edges
  • rivets for additional durability
  • special leather padding

Intended use of this Dog Muzzle:

  • attack/agitation training
  • safe walking
  • vet or groomer visit
  • socializing your dog

Sizes available:

  • 3 sizes available

Available colors:

  • paint on black

How to measure your dog for good fit of this Painted Leather Muzzle:

How to  measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

As it was mentioned before, this Painted Leather Dog Muzzle has lots of advantages. Here are some of them.

What makes this Leather Muzzle a perfect tool in dog's attack training? Its special design includes steel bar, that perfectly supports the front part and the nose, making it really safe for attack work.

Although this Painted Leather Muzzle fully covers your dog's snout, it has an excellent air circulation. Special holes allow air to flow freely, ventilating your dog's skin. Thus, he can breathe and pant during hard training. It not only makes easier the process of training but protects your dog's health. Imagine, how horrible your dog could feel during hard training if he was hard to breathe! However, it is recommended to use this muzzle for short training sessions. If muzzled for a long time and trained hard, the dog can be heat stroken.

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Ventilated Comfortable Dog Muzzle Leather for Belgian Malinois

Very Comfortable Dog Muzzle Leather with Barbed Wire Painting

How to make that leather didn't rub your dog's nose? It is easy! This Leather Muzzle, like most of our muzzles, has special soft leather padding. Everything for your dog's comfort!

You need a muzzle that you could use not only for training? Although this Leather Muzzle is positioned like a training one, you can use it in your dog's everyday life, whether it is daily walk or just vet visit. Due to its design, it is almost impossible for your dog to take it off with his paws, that makes it a good protection for surrounding people. He won't be able to bite someone. No more scared glances! Don't be afraid to let your dog play with somebody - it is a good step in socializing him!

Your dog's snout grew up a little bit and the muzzle is too tight, what to do? Forget about this problem. You can fix it in a very simple way - by means of the head adjustable strap.

However, we recommend you to take measurements very accurately and buy the muzzle of the proper size. It should fit snug for your dog to feel comfortable.

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  • See how easy you can fix this Leather MuzzleDoberman wears this masterpiece
  • Designed for successful trainingImpossible to bite someone
  • Barbed Wire drawingLooks amazing on your Ridgeback!
  • Safe playing with other people is possible!No more scared glances
  • Cane-Corso feels comfortable in itSpecial muzzle for attack/agitation training
  • Make a present for your eyesSpecial padding protects dog's nose from rubbing

Schutzhund. Technique of guard training
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No group training is suitable for a working dog! Seeing a trainer exercising several dogs you are recommended looking for another one. Generally, it is a young dog that can be trained whereas an older one watches it for the latter to repeat the actions. But as for an older dog it is better to train him individually. In fact, ignorant dog trainers tend to educate a big group of dogs (5 or 6) and this practice has aversive effect on them as they get excited very much and transfuse this emotional state throughout the group. This may result in fight between the dogs. These trainers aim to extract as much money from dog owners as possible. Dealing with several dogs such trainers earn from 60 to 200 dollars p.h. but the most awful that this so-called education does the dogs only harm; they cannot concentrate on any task given. This situation provokes aggression in the dogs down to their insanity. Some dog owners seem to be delighted at seeing extra aggressive dogs of theirs. No training technique can be of use when the dog is not balanced; moreover, similar group lessons transform well-behaved dogs into desperate blusterers. .
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Check how our products look on the dogs / Pictures from Customers

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Leather Tervuren muzzle with special holes for ventilation

Trustworthy leather Tervuren muzzle with holes for ventilation

Pro leather Tervuren muzzle for attack training

Attack/agitation training leather Tervuren muzzle

Leather Tervuren muzzle with barbed wire painting

Painted barbed wire leather Tervuren muzzle

Tervuren leather muzzle of genuine materials with traditional buckle for daily walks

Tervuren leather muzzle of genuine materials with traditional buckle for daily activity

Tervuren leather muzzle with rust-free fittings for quality control

Tervuren leather muzzle with rust-proof fittings for walking

Tervuren leather muzzle with durable nickel plated hardware for perfect control

Tervuren leather muzzle with reliable hardware for professional use

Tervuren leather muzzle with rustless hardware for basic training

Tervuren leather muzzle with rustless nickel plated hardware for advanced training

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