Comfortable and Safe Leather Spiked Harness for Puppies


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  • Model: H23##1029 Spiked Chest Puppy Leather Harness

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Reliably Stitched Stylish Spiked Leather Harness for Puppies

Want to provide your puppy with ultimate control during everyday walks because he is always exposed to get injured as he is too curious? Let us introduce to you a wonderful solution which will totally meet your demands! Genuine Full Grain Leather Spiked Puppy Harness will become your best mate in controlling your young canine! Your young friend will feel no restrictions while walking! He will not even notice that you fully control him!
The product is made of high-grade quality leather which will be hardly worn out or stretched. Due to the silver color nickel plated fittings your doggy will become the most stylish pet in the neighbourhood. This supply will underline his individuality and muscular body-build. Show everyone that your little four-legged friend is a real sportdog!

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  • Stylish riveted spikes for dog harnessStrong Nickel Plated Fittings for Dog Harness
  • Extreme comfort leather harnessHigh Quality Leather Dog Harness for Stylish Walking

Key features of this Puppy Harness:

  • made of full grain genuine leather
  • thick felt padding
  • stitched chest plate
  • 2 ways adjustable
  • easy quick release buckle
  • rust resistant hardware

Intended use of this Puppy Harness:

  • easy control for the puppy
  • walking in style

Sizes available:

  • see the table of sizing

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to size your puppy for this harness:

Size available:

  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 12-18 inch (30-45 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs(red color on the picture): 16-23 inch (40-60cm)

Every dog owner wants his child to be fully protected from different types of injuries, that is why we always try to give you as much information about the equipment as possible.
This harness is made of high quality full grain genuine leather which will serve you for years unlike artificial materials which are soon spoiled as usual. It is intended for you to be able to control your young canine in all his moves. At the same time he will be able to set out freely no feeling any restriction. This effect is obtained owing to the special engineered construction of the tool. We are sure that when you start using this gear you'll see how reasonably it is constructed! Our masters are real geniuses in their business!
The outfit is made of the material which will do no harm to your puppy. Do not worry about him to get hurt by our stuff. This will never happen! Your doggy will not be subjected to rash, allergy and skin irritation when wearing this item! Moreover, it will not cut into dog's skin as the gear is padded with thick felt on the back and chest plates. The chest plate is stitched for more durability and riveted. Nickel plated spikes will add style to your everyday walks. Let your doggy shine with silver beams!
The harness is supplied with nickel plated fittings which are rust and corrosion resistant. They will not break in years. Furthermore, the tool is very comfortable in use because it is equipped with quick release buckle which allows to take it on and off the pet easily. Once adjusted, you will put it on and off the canine easily!
Let your puppy feel brave and confident wearing this Safe Leather Harness for Real Champions!

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