Lightweight Pulling Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Harness

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  • Model: H19##1029 Weight Pulling Dog Harness

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Pulling dog harness for all dog breeds involved in Schutzhund training

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Weight Pulling Nylon Dog Harness

Lightweight Nylon Dog Harness Provokes The Dog's Interest In Work

This web Harness is the most versatile dog harness we have ever built! This nylon custom harness is a terrific dog training facility for all seasons including summer! Ultra strong lightweight nylon with heavy padding in the neck and shoulder areas makes wearing of this harness a pleasant trial! The harness is newest last development in dog industry! A lot of imitators will start making the same exterior very soon but they will never succeed in producing absolutely identical one-that will correspond to excellent quality, normality, functionality, long life of ours! Though we are sole manufacturers of all our dog production that is most demandable on the market today, we are never in haste when developing each next article. On gaining sufficient amount of relevant knowledge, careful checking for safety and quality of raw materials, sustained negotiating with qualified vets we take up making a product for dogs. Let us consider a sporty, essential, safety harness for your beloved pet. This heavy-duty assistant tool will improve your dog’s inborn abilities as we as reveal new ones. Success in training of your pet is guaranteed if you believe in your own forces and exercise your patience but the gear will help you to the best advantage!

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  • Extra ordinary designer nylon dog harnessSchutzhund easy adjustable nylon harness
  • Most demandable nylon dog harnessSchutzhund professional well-made nylon harness


Key features of this Schutzhund Dog Harness:

  • Best quality select nylon
  • Strongest lifetime construction
  • Easy handling
  • Triple stitching for extra strength and durability
  • Adjustable spreader bar
  • Steel ring for easy hook-up in the rear
  • Unbeaten comfort

Intended use of this Schutzhund Dog Harness:

  • Building your dog's muscles
  • Heavy Freighting
  • Dog pulling competition preparation
  • Sledding
  • Skijoring

Sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Available colors:

  • Black

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    14-18 inch (35-45 cm)
  • body length (red color on the picture):
    16-21 inch (40-55 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    18-25 inch (45-65 cm)
  • body length (red color on the picture):
    16-21 inch (40-55 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    24-31 inch (60-79 cm)
  • body length (red color on the picture):
    20-32 inch (50-81 cm)

This harness is very popular among dog experts who are aware of its:

Advantages of this exclusive nylon harness:
  1. Quality of the product ranks second to none. It was made of extra durable finest nylon that is absolutely safe for health. Since the harness is mainly meant for hard pulling work you may not use other materials for making this device than nylon as a body. You will find better nylon harness nowhere as most of sellers are just sub purchasers having no idea of the product to be sold. We, on the contrary, know the matter all the way from a to Z, so to say at molecular level. Taking care of every single detail we manage to get fantastically looking and incredibly quality dog equipment. The harness is triply stitched for superior durability. Heaviest freights can be pulled with this ruggedized invention. Only unique technology and craftsmanship of our skillful makers yield the desired outcome.
  2. Excellent and reasonable design. We were reflecting on the design of pulling harness for some time and only this very shape was accepted as most appropriate. All the pulling dog activities require endurance of both dog and his training equipment. We want to keep up with the fashions that is why this harness has so looks so amazingly. Enigmatic entwinement of wide straps covering the dog’s body makes everyone think that this dog is dress-conscious! Few of passers-by could suppose that this stylish wearing might perform different training functions.
  3. Great utility of this web vest. Choosing this handmade dog accessory you may guess about its ordinary destinations, but you do not know how numerous its possibilities are. Due to even load distribution the harness does not put the dog to inconvenience. Spreader bar as a component of the harness is the other load divider. When your dog is involved in heavy freighting or weight pulling he does not risk his health. It is very good and useful occupation for any working dog as his unspent energy together with uncommon strength is targeted in the best way. Sledding, skijoring, total body conditioning and muscle buildings are other possible applications of the harness.
  4. Best comfort. We did not forget about adding maximal comfort to the harness when making it. First of all, it does not cause skin irritations or allergy in the dog since it was made of finest materials. All the straps are wide enough not to wear into the dog’s skin or rub it. The weight of this web harness will not burden your dog as it is ultra light. Though the straps are wide we padded neck and shoulder areas on the off chance and for extra comfort of the dog. Being completely open, it is well breathable so your dog will not feel hot in it.

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