Durable Winter Dog Coat-Classy Outdoor Warm Clothing for All Dog Breeds

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Nylon Reflective Dog Coat-Warm Winter Outdoor Wear for Various Dog Breeds involved in Schutzhund Training

Schutzhund dog breeds are industrious canine representatives, they work harder than others dogs and they should be treated relatively. These dogs perform different tasks irrespectively of their degree of complexity. You use various assistant means for dog training to facilitate this education, to make it more progressive and professional. But did anyone think about dog-trainee’s comfort? How does the dog feel in this or that situation? Does he feel well or bad, is he cold or hot? Scarcely somebody reflects over this issue.

Every dog handler knows that being outside is quite important for working dog breeds. Only when dog is not prisoned he may demonstrate his great capabilities–both inborn and acquired ones. What do you do when winter comes? Are walks with your dog as frequent as in summertime during this period of time? Or do you choose the day when to bring your darlin’ outside? You can’t but take him out. Dogs like running, playing, jumping and so on. Without doing that they are depressed. Winter is a very good time for walking with your dog and you may walk your pet in the air in bitter cold provided that he wears Warm Coat! Specially Designed Dog Wear is on this page! In this coat your dog may stay outside as long as it is needed.

It is Unique Custom Dog Product Meant for Outdoor Winter Activities. It is low-cost dog coat combining best qualities. Best manufacturers have developed this model and success of it is enormous among dog handlers. It is Necessary Dog Coat for all dogs. When wearing this coat in winter your dog will feel very comfortable and no movement of his will be restricted. Again, even in severe winter the coat will protect your dog’s body from feeling cold.

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  • Well-fitted winter dog coatDesigner high quality outdoor dog coat for cold weather
  • Colored lightweight winter dog coatHeat-insulated winter coat will keep your dog warm in winter


Key features of this Working Dog Winter Coat:

  • Premium quality flexible nylon
  • Icredibly soft by the feel
  • Handmade creation of distinguished makers
  • Best production technology
  • Fleece interior for heat-insulated effect
  • Washable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Long life performance
  • Water- and windproof, breathable
  • Velcro closure system on under belly and neck
  • Can be used together with dog leash (due to the hole in the collar zone)
  • Reflective fabric that can be used in the dark
  • Ergonomic shape allowing the dog to move freely
  • Fashionable coat presentation
  • Conforming comfortable fit
  • Very practical
  • Absolutely safe

Intended use of this Working Dog Winter Coat:

  • Keeping dogs warm in snowy weather
  • Winter training/walks
  • Vet/groomer visiting
  • Going outside in bitter cold
  • Presentable dog appearance in wintertime

Sizes available:

  • Xsmall
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • XXlarge
  • XXXlarge
  • XXXXLarge

Available colors:

  • Red-grey

How to size your Tasks Dog for this Winter Coat:


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    13-15 inches (32-38cm)
  • Length of the vest - 10 inches (25 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    14 1/2-17 inches (36-43cm)
  • Length of the vest - 13 inches (32 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    17-21 inches (42-52cm)
  • Length of the vest - 16 inches (40 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    20-25 inches (51-62cm)
  • Length of the vest - 18 1/2 inches (46 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    24-29 1/2 inches (60-74cm)
  • Length of the vest - 21 inches (53 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    29 1/2-34 1/2 inches (74-86cm)
  • Length of the vest - 24 inches (60 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    33-41 inches (83-103cm)
  • Length of the vest - 27 inches (67 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (green color on the picture):
    37 1/2-45 1/2 inches (94-114cm)
  • Length of the vest - 29 inches (72 cm)

We need to inform you about the advantages of this Handmade Exclusive Dog Coat that is indispensable in wintertime.

We made this harness from water-resistant, windproof, washable, breathable nylon fabric. Due to the great advantages peculiar to the nylon it is most suitable material for being a body of winter coat. It is hardwearing hand select nylon, dog-safe one. It causes no skin allergies, skin irritations or similar.

What is this nylon fabric famous for?

Its flexibility is responsible for additional softness of the harness. When wearing this harness your dog will feel the gentleness of the fabric. If dog has this harness on no matter what training circumstances are. This Winter Dress is suitable for every situation.

The Coat is very warm. Your dog will never feel cold when having it on. But he also will not be hot in it. Extreme activity of a dog leads to generation of heat by his body. Breathing nylon will naturally cool your dog’s body allowing excessive heat to exit.

Water resistant outer with warm fleece lining. No liquid from the outside will get to your pet on the inside. Water resistant material will not allow the water to penetrate through. Your dog will stay dry even if he is caught in the heavy rain. At that fleece padding is very warm but at the same time lightweight.

Unsurpassed durability. Different dog breeds can study Schutzhund program. Dogs vary in size and have different power and strength. The Jacket can be adjusted to any dog size. This coat will fit fine even strongest and largest dog. The coat is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance even after serious wear and tear.

Most of dogs can't go out in cold seasons without the risk to catch cold. One of the most useable examples of dog clothes is our lightweight nylon coat. It is a perfect decision for winter and bad weather.

Such a unique dog coat for winter time. Cleverly designed dog coat resulted from hard works of highly experienced professionals. The coat features outstanding craftsmanship!

Velcro straps for easy on and off. Your dog will not get rid of this coat as it is securely fixed with Velcros in two major points. A truly stylish and functional coat. Special hole in the collar area for you to attach a lead to be in control of your dog.

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