Chain dog leash with leather handle


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  • Model: L101#1029 Gold-Plated Chain Dog Leash

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Exclusive brass-covered dog leash with leather handle

Do you own a large dog and ordinary leashes cannot stand his pressure when walking? Are you looking for a reliable item to control him? Then, have a look at this remarkable leash for dog training! It consists of the soft leather handle and the brass-plated chain. Thanks to the gold-like shine, the gear is quite fashionable and will attract attention of the passers-by. The item looks luxurious and gorgeous, so will help you to walk your four-pawed friend in style. It enables to walk the pet safely under the control of yours. Don't miss the chance to get this leash, make the order right now!

Stylish supply for dog control

Durable Dog Chain Leash

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • high quality leather handle
  • brass-covered metal chain
  • quick release snap hook
  • longtime "anti-chew" solution

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • dog show
  • walking

Sizes available:

  • 40 inch (100 cm)

Available colors:

  • black leather handle
  • gold color chain and snap hook

Thanks to the quality of the stuff used for the production, the leash can stand the test of time perfectly. It will keep its shape for years and no deformation or damage threatens the item! Genuine full grain leather was used for the creation of the handle of the supply and it contains only hypoallergenic substances in the composition. So, your hands will be protected from rubbing and skin irritation. The leash includes also a gold-like brass covered chain that is strong and durable. This part of the lead has high tensile strength, so your doggy will have no opportunity to break the item and escape from you. What is more, the supply assures your full control of the pet.
The accessory is also supplied with a brass-covered HS snap hook. It is strong and reliable. The snap hook is easy to use and is meant to fasten the lead to the dog's collar or harness. It will not take you much time to adjust it.

  • Do no let your pet chew the handle of the tool. Otherwise, he may spoil it.
  • Treat the leather with water-repellent and leather conditioner to prolong its service.

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