Comfortable Waist Dog Leash for Hands-Free Use


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  • Model: L28##1029 Free hand dog leash

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Dependable High Quality Waist Dog Walking Leash

If you try to use your time to the advantage, you will certainly like this exclusive dog lead! As far as it is meant to adjust to the belt on your waist, you will always have your hands free. So, it is a nice opportunity to walk a canine and to go shopping. Carrying packages will no more be a problem. Furthermore, the load of the pet will be moved onto the whole body, not only the hands. Be sure, you will not feel discomfort when you get used to this product. The gear will be convenient in use and will satisfy you completely. Just purchase it and walk your doggy with pleasure!

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Easily attachable dog walking lead

Reliable Dog Walking Leash

Dog lead equipped with click lock system

Waist Dog Walking Lead for Hands-Free Use

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • high quality dog training equipment
  • strong nylon
  • heavy duty stitched
  • brass plated snap hook
  • clicklock system
  • length adjustment
  • 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) in width

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • free hand walking

Sizes available:

  • 22 inch (56 cm) - short state
  • 31 inch (80 cm) - long state

Available colors:

  • black

Want to have free hands when walking your doggy? This perfect dog lead will help you in it! The supply is meant to take care of you and your doggy. With this supply you will forget about the problem of rubbed hands because of the dog's pulling. The gear should be adjusted to the belt on the waist, therefore the pet's pulling force will be distributed on your body.
The leash is made of the strong nylon material which is well-know for the durability and strength. Besides, the stuff is resistant to tear and wear. It will keep its color for ages and will serve you for long. The material is also resistant to wet, fungi, mold, rot, dew, insects, animals and many chemicals. It can be used in various weather conditions and will not be spoiled.
The accessory is equipped with the clicklock system that assures quick putting on and off. It is also supplied with a brass plated snap hook to fasten the leash to the canine's collar or harness. Be sure, with this item you will feel free when walking your doggy.

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