Training and Tracking Nylon Dog Leash

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  • Model: L11##1029 Nylon dog leash for training and tracking

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Extremely Durable Wide and Long Nylon Dog Leash

Everyone knows that leash is an indispensable part of every training session. Nevertheless, to get an item that will be durable enough to stand hard dog's pulling is a rather difficult task. Sometimes dogs move too fast because they are either excited about outdoor activities or are eager to learn something new. Still, there exist equipment which will satisfy fully all your and your pet's needs.
On this page we would like to present you our Fabulous Nylon Dog Leash that is well-known for its reliability. It will be perfect for training, tracking, patrolling or even search and rescue activities. With the help of this lead you will be able to train your four-pawed friend more effectively than with poor quality gear.
Purchase our Unimaginably Strong Nylon Dog Leash and train your doggy with pleasure!

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  • Rust and corrosion resistant hardwareDependable dog leash for all weather use
  • Any weather material for dog leashDurable nylon dog leash with soft handle

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • high quality nylon
  • strong brass coated snap hook
  • weatherproof material
  • rust and corrosion resistant hardware

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • training
  • tracking
  • patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 13 ft (4 m)
  • 20 ft (6 m)
  • 27 ft (8 m)
  • 33 ft (10 m)

Available colors:

  • black

Being a truly multifunctional tool, this leash is perfect for training, tracking, patrolling, search and rescue activities.
Nylon material, used for manufacturing this gear, is very popular in many industries because of its durability and reliability. The stuff is totally safe and dog-health friendly, that is why your doggy will always look happy during walks. It is extremely durable and the gear will never be torn. Besides, it will not stretch and will keep greatly its initial color.
Though nylon is synthetic stuff, it will do no harm to your four-pawed friend's health. The fabric is resistant to fungi, mold, rot, dew, animals, insects and many chemicals. It contains no chemical substances that can cause allergy, skin irritation, rash or itching. Spend your time on training, not on vet visits!
The hardware of the gear is covered with sturdy brass which is rust proof and corrosion resistant. It is rather strong and will not be broken even when your canine pulls hard.
Rainy weather is no more a problem. Nylon has fine waterproofness, so you can walk your doggy in any weather. The lead will not be spoiled. Moreover, it is easy in care. All you need to do is to remove mud or water with dry cloth after each outside activity.
This product is available in 4 sizes but even the shortest one allows to train your canine perfectly.

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