Baby Soft English Leather Dog Lead for Walking and Training

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  • Model: L110E1029 English baby soft leather dog leash multi function

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Hand Crafted Multiservice Leather Dog Leash for All Breeds

Looking for a useful dog accessory? Do not know to make your dog a prosperous trainee? Try specialized educative equipment meant to help a Schutzhund trained canine to achieve the best results in the study. It is a handmade canine tool suitable for different occupations but its main destination is to teach a working canine to follow your commands whatever they are. It is made to be adjustable and easy in use – your will greatly benefit from its functionality. Do not believe it? Start using it and you will make sure that it is nothing but the truth. Fully leather dog leash created my distinguished makers for you and your furry fellow to enjoy the training.

This leash combines capabilities of different tools:

English leather is the major stuff the gear is constructed of. Be aware that the hardware is brass-covered that means it will never get rusty! Leather surface is perfectly oiled but regular certain treatment of the material is still required to make it last longer.  Buy this high quality pet supply and bring your toothy fellow only joy during the work. If you search for not only a standard accessory but a comfortable one, that combines outstanding characteristics – we offer you this very model of dog lead. Also, it is sewed with special reinforced threads to be both very attractively designed, extremely strong and flexible.

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffHighest Grade Quality Leather Dog Leash
  • 3/8 inch (10 mm) wide leatherThoroughly Stitched English Leather Dog Lead

Key features of this Canine Leash:

  • Skillfully crafted
  • Cast 3 O-rings
  • Strong brass coated snap hook
  • 3/8 inch (10 mm) wide leather
  • 1/5 inch (4.5 mm) thick soft English leather
  • Stitched on edges
  • Perfectly oiled

Intended use of this Dog Lead:

  • Schutzhund training
  • Regular training
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

It is a leash-rebelay so you can modify it in various quite indispensable canine means. They are eight.

The following mentioned entities are the several modes this leash can be transformed into:

Over-shoulder-loop. Afraid of rubbing your hands by the gear’s handle? Bring the end of this handle over your shoulder in the direction opposite the side you are going to walk your pal, across your back and up under your armpit. Then take the skip end and connect it with the floating O-ring to form a loop across your upper body.  Attach your for to the other snap and go!

Temporary choke collar. Sometimes, there is no better tutorial facility than a choke collar. This leash is an ideal harmless choker that considerably helps to prevent the dog from misbehaving. Place this leash around the neck of your pet and fasten the slap to the floating O-ring – your dog is collared! 

3.5 Foot Leash. Attach the handle snap hook to the O-ring sewed into the other end. Now you have a shorter leash! This gear is ideal for walking a dog in public where a lot of people are near. 

Tether your pet to train him or just leave him when you need to enter a shop. A post, tree or another object to wrap around are those things you can tie your pet to. When the object is wrapped around just attach the handle clip to the floating O-ring.  

20" Traffic leash: Make a 3.25' Leash and then grasp the floating "o" ring and slide it to the end of the leash opposite the snap hooks. Then bring the "o" ring back to the snap hook essentially folding the leash in half. Hook the floating "o" ring using the same clip that is attached to the stationary" ring. 

Waist mode of the leash. Wrap your waist with this accessory and clip the snap hook around the leather material to prevent it from falling down spontaneously. 

Walking 2 dogs is not a problem anymore. There are 2 snap hooks – each for a single dog. Just attach a dog to every clips and holding the leash in the middle manage their behavior. 

On the full length. Common use of the leash. The handle is soft and comfortable to hold.

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