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  • Model: LN1031029 Nylon Stitched Triple Coupler

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Triple Nylon Dog Coupler with Nickel-Plated Snap Hooks

Attention, please! We are going to introduce you an absolute sensation in the world of dog training! From now people, who own three dogs will be able to walk them simultaneously! You wonder, how is it possible? Here is a Supreme Quality Nylon Dog Coupler.
With this item you will not get tangled with three separate leashes. Moreover, you will save your money because there is no more need to purchase 3 leads for your canines. You can fasten the coupler to a walking leash and enjoy the weather with your beloved pets.
Stop wasting money on unhandy gear! Choose proper equipment and walk your dogs safely!

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  • 3 strong brass snap hooksTriple nylon dog coupler for walking
  • Nickel-plated O-ring for coupler attachmentNickel-plated snap hook for dog coupler attachment

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide strong nylon
  • 3 strong snap hooks
  • O-ring for attachment

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • walking 3 dogs

Sizes available:

  • 12 inch (30 cm)

Available colors:

  • black

This practical coupler was designed for you to have less problems when walking your pets. So, let's see what characteristics features this lead for you not to face difficulties.
The item is made of nylon stuff. This is a synthetic material that contains no harmful chemicals, that is why your dogs will not get injuries when being walked. The fabric will not cause different health problems. It is totally safe and eco-friendly.
Our qualitative nylon is characterized by extreme durability, light weight and water resistance. So, this incredible accessory will not lose its shape when it gets wet. What is more, the fabric has superior colorfastness and will look like new even in years of service. Nylon is resistant to fungi, rot, mold, insects, animals and many chemicals.
The supply consists of three nylon parts that are connected together with massive O-ring which you can attach to a leash. On the ends of this triple coupler there are three snap hooks that make it easy to attach the item to collars or harnesses of your pets. The hardware has silver-like color and is super strong. It will not break under the heavy pulling and will serve you for ages. It is nickel-plated and therefore rust and corrosion resistant.
Owing to the mentioned above qualities the coupler can be used in any weather conditions. It will not matter what climate is in your region. The tool does not require any special treatment. You only need to remove mud and water with a dry cloth after every walk.

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