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Fancy Leather Dog Lead is Recent Invention of Most Qualified Manufacturers!

Training dog equipment differs as well as tastes do. You should not buy this or that dog accessory only judging by its exterior – it is better to get something for your beloved pet from really distinguished producers those which skill and talent are great. How to find those? It is easy and not at the same time. But if you get from direct makers you are guaranteed to have a more reliable article than that sold on the market. Makers having long years’ experience in manufacture of high grade dog products are here! They represent their exclusive dog production – the one which popularity is high! Please, read feedbacks left at the bottom of almost every product page! Our grateful clients cannot help extending their thanks for the purchases they regularly make in our online pet store!

Innovative Braided Schutzhund Training Leash is ideal educative mean just for those dogs involved in the training. Schutzhund program is better understood when you use special pet supplies. Leads are most invaluable dog goods none of dog trainers can do without. Fortunately, our craftsmen manage to create necessary training gear that is absolutely suitable for every dog breed. Before making a canine article we carefully study the last standard requirements in order not to be mistaken with smallest estimate. Though only highly experienced professionals have the right to make wide range of our dog goods we make them improve their knowledge all the time by completing refresher courses – so our masters are best all over the globe. We have equipped majority of tasks dogs and if you have not still used our gear you have missed the opportunity to advance your dog’s proper development.

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  • Extremely lightweight 100% full grain latigo leatherBraided Handcrafted Dog Leather Leash
  • Rust & corrosion resistant hardwareDurable DOg Leash for Walking and Training

Key features of this Schutzhund Breed Leash:

  • High quality genuine 100 % leather
  • Marvelous design
  • Brass plated snap hook
  • Easy-to-use
  • 3/4 inch wide
  • Beautiful braids
  • Stitched for beauty and strength
  • Nappa padded comfy handle
  • Duly riveted in major points
  • Incredibly strong

Intended use of this Schutzhund Dog Leash:

  • Successful and easy training
  • Regular walking
  • Dog handling
  • Other dog activities

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

Dog leash you see on this page is very nice accessory that was designed for active and strong dogs considering different fields of their involvements. We want you to know that this particular leash is glorious by its extra ordinary advantages mentioned below.

Braided Schutzhund Training Leash is the number one leash due to:

1. High quality materials it is made out of. Only select stuff is used for creation of such a facility. This leash is fully leather. The leather is full grain one – best of the best. Only superior sorts of leather can be spent for making leather goods of ours. This leather features extreme strength and unbelievable softness.

2. Professional step-by-step manufacturing flow. As a result we have this excellent merchandise that is up to standard. The process of making This Braided Schutzhund Training Leash takes a little bit more time than when a usual leash is created. To make this braided structure one has to spend much time as this work is a really painstaking. Making the braids manually we provide their high tensile strength. With these braids the leash is stronger as required flexibility is achieved during leash pulling and the leash is protected from soonest breakage – tear of its grains.

3. Convenient unforgettable usage. If this leash is your assistant training tool – handling your dog is a really pleasant trial! The handle has interior Nappa padding due to which palm’s rubbing is excluded irrespective of leash jerking’s tension. Nappa padding is very soft and it is impossible to hurt the palm with this tender material.

4. As for snap hook for collar you must not worry about is security at all. Covered with super strong alloy – rust-resistant brass the hook grants due locking. Only you will be able to unlock the hook - it can't do it involuntarily – so much dependable this closure is. Your canine will fail in breaking free if the hook is connected with due adaptor of a collar.

Are you still in need of this Braided Schutzhund Training Leash? Why not give us a call to find out all the details? Still do not know how to contact us? Then, this is the number: 646-257-4045. Our professional staff will be able to provide you with any details as for the purchase to be made by you, dear dog owner.

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