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  • Model: PBB3F1029 Puppy bite builder french linen

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Extremely Durable French Linen Bite Builder for Puppies and Young Dogs

Looking for dependable and long-standing gear to start puppy training? We are here to help you to make your choice! Learn the information about this French Linen Bite Builder and make certain of its irreplaceability during training sessions! This item embodies all the features needed for the introductory canine training stuff!
The tool was created in accordance to all dog international standards and approved by vets and professional dog trainers. Do not miss the opportunity to buy this great gear!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffExtremely lightweight puppy bite builder
  • Nylon loop for leash attachmentPuppy-health friendly bite builder

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 2 padded hard handles
  • 100% dog safe materials
  • strong and durable material
  • ring for leash attachment
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy
  • central round nylon soft handle

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • basic puppy bite training
  • full bite grip building
  • better position grip building
  • stronger grip building

French linen is very strong and at the same time soft synthetic material used for producing different training stuff. It is well-known for its durability and tear-resistance. Be sure, that the fabric will stand tugging and biting of your four-legged friends. Puppies have very sharp teeth and despite this the stuff will not be damaged.
Though, French linen is synthetic stuff, it is non-toxic. This means that it contains no injurious substances which can influence your canine's health badly. Your puppy will be guarded from the factors which can do harm to his health. Besides, the entire item has no outside plastic or metal parts which can hurt his snout, oral cavity or damage his teeth.
The gear is very lightweight you'll not be soon tired when training. It has 2 inside hard padded handles and 1 outside nylon handle which allow hold this gear firmly and choose the right bite angle for the pet. They are situated so that you will not be wounded by your canine during educating process. The superior design of the outfit will suit for Police, Schutzhund and Military Training. Many professionals have already trained their young dogs with our product and were surprised with the result they've got! Try this bite builder with your four-legged friend!

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