Customize Leather Bite Rag for Puppy Training


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  • Model: TE43#1029 Leather Dog Bite Rag

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Magnificent Leather Bite Rag for Dog Training

Are you going to introduce your puppy into professional bite training? Do you want him to reach excellent results in it? Of course, nothing appears out of blue, therefore, you should take the choice of training equipment seriously. Otherwise, your pet will suffer from different kinds of health problems. The bite rag, you see on this page, is a sort of teaching gear that will last for years and will help to reach success in canine bite education. It will become an irreplaceable helper in improving puppy bite skills, basic training and prey drive. Don't miss the boat! Get this bite rag and teach your beloved pet effectively!

The leather stuff doesn't include any toxic elements

Leather Bite Rag for Dog Teaching

Key features of this Bite Rag:

  • High quality genuine leather
  • Equipped with one handle
  • Stitched at the edges
  • Extra durable

Intended use of this Bite Rag:

  • Improving puppy's bite skills
  • Puppy training
  • Prey drive stimulation


  • Length - 60 cm
  • Width - 10 cm


  • Leather

Gladden your doggy with a new training item! Make the process of tugging effective and exciting for your pet! Get this incredible piece of training equipment and forget about the tedious pastime! This item will never let you get bored.
The tool is made of genuine full grain leather and is pleasant to touch. It won't hurt the pet's gums or oral cavity. Getting this rag you will never face any problems in its use. Leather stuff doesn't absorb wet or dust, so it is really easy to clean. Besides, as the material doesn't have any toxic elements, the rag is safe for the canine's health. It is tear- and wear proof, so will always look like new. The product is provided with stitching on the edges to be long in service.
The tool is strong, therefore difficult to spoil or tear. It is supplied with an easy-to-grab handle that makes the holding of the rag during the process of dog education quite comfortable. Furthermore, this handle is manufactured from the material that will not rub your hands or result in any skin problems. Get this magnificent item and enjoy convenience of teaching!

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