Challenging Medium Bright Treat Dispensing Ball - Medium

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  • Model: TT22#1029 Tetraflex Dispensing Dog Chew Toy - Medium

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Check the video to see how to use this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Ball

Durable Bright Tetraflex Dog Ball for Treat Dispensing

If you have active and energetic doggy you've probably faced the problem when you do not know what to do to busy him about something. Our craftsmen created this Soft yet Durable Tetraflex Dog Ball for you not to rack your brains thinking of the occupation for your canine. Do not let your four-legged friend to feel anxious and bored!
Toys have always been dog's favourite equipment for training and playing and they still are. What can be better than being taught something during the favourite activity?
This tool is designed for absorbing meal time! Turn the feeding into funny game with this Treat-and-Joy Bright Designed Ball placing some treats or kibble into it. Your beloved will be totally involved into enticing activity and will forget about everything in the world. So, you'll even have some time for yourself. We guarantee it will not let you down!

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  • Bright colorful tetraflex used for the dog supplyDog-Health Friendly Ball for Chewing Activity
  • Has an inner compartment which stores treats or foodTetraflex Treat Dispensing Dog Toy for Funny Meal Time

Key features of this pet tool:

  • holds a variety of treats and kibble
  • dishwasher safe
  • durable and safe tetraflex material
  • quiet on the floor
  • has an inner compartment which stores treats or food

Intended use of this dog ball:

  • encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • can be also used as an ordinary chew toy
  • used for interactive chewing challenge

Sizes available:

  • medium - 4 inch (10 cm)
  • weight - 1/3 lb (150 g)

Available colors:

  • yellow but may vary

Educating obedient and smart canine requires special equipment. Kibble Dispensing Tetraflex Dog Chew Ball will prove useful to you in training your pet. Here are some facts which will convince you of adding this product to your shopping cart:
First of all, as far as the tool is made of durable but soft tetraflex stuff it will serve you for a long period of time. Your canine will soon like playing with the ball and it will surely become his favourite toy.
Secondly, the gear is completely safe and non-toxic. The product contains no unhealthy substances. It will not do harm to your four-legged friend and cause rash, irritations or allergies. It will not be the reason of stomach disease. Moreover, it will not injure your pet's oral cavity.
Thirdly, due to the special opening you'll be able to place treats or kibble inside the ball and offer it to your dog. He will exert himself to get his favourite food out of the ball. So, thanks to this opportunity your doggy will be occupied playing with the item till the cows come home. You'll have enough time for your own business.
Fourthly, if you want to whet pet's appetite, nothing will work better than this outfit! You certainly know that appetite comes while eating. So, chewing the toy your beloved will not stand enjoying his meal.
If your beloved friend belongs to small or medium size breed, check the available sizes of this Great Dog Toy in the table below.

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Small - 3 inch (7 cm) 'Challenging' Tetraflex Dog Ball - treat dispenser for small breeds and young dogs
Large - 5 1/8 inch (13 cm) 'Honeycomb' Treat Dispensing Dog Tetraflex Ball - for large breeds

Consider the following:
  • Pets need attention all the time that's why do not leave your beloved without control! He may hurt himself trying to possess his owner's heed.
  • Make sure the parts of the toy haven't been spoiled. If they are, do not let the canine to play with the ball.
  • Remove all tags, threads and stickers before giving the item to your four-pawed friend.
  • Wash the toy from time to time to remove the dirt.

Take a look at dog chew toy for medium breeds in 3D

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