Small Everlasting Fire Plug Special Rubber Dog Ball for Chewing - Small

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  • Model: TT27#1029 Chewing dog toy - treat holder Small

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Check how to use Everlasting Dog Ball, Bento Ball and Fire Plug Toy

Durable Safe Rubber Dog Fire Plug Toy for Chewing

"Why is my doggy so ill-mannered?" is the question that many dog owners put to themselves when they see a reserved and well-bred pet of their neighbour. They try to re-educate their canine in the way they think to be the most effective. Generally, they use carrot and stick method and more often than not their four-pawed friend behave even worse! We suggest your using kid glove method and treating your pet with wonderful stuff! On this page you're given the information about Super Durable Special Rubber Dog Ball for Chewing! Show your love to your four-legged friend and he'll do everything to demonstrate his adoration to you!
The toy is fabricated from safe materials which will not hurt the canine. You can place some food or kibble inside the tool and enjoy watching your pet trying to get it out of there! Moreover, placing his favourite everlasting treats in the ball you'll get your doggy involveв in a breath-taking game.
Do not lose chances to give a treat to a friend!

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Bright innovative design of dog toy

Bright Colorful Dog Ball Made of Solid Rubber

Extremely strong colorful rope

Dishwasher Proof Dog Ball for Having Fun

Key features of this Dog Toy:

  • made of strong special rubber
  • has no latex, vinyl and phthalates
  • reduce anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • perfect for dental hygiene
  • dishwasher-proof
  • virtually indestructible

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • idea for chewing
  • makes play enjoyable and interactive
  • turns mealtime into play

Sizes available:

  • small size
  • 2.3 inch (6 cm) in width
  • 2.9 inch (7.5 cm) in height
  • Weight 3.2 oz (90 g)


  • foam

Need some challenging toy for your beloved pet? Here are some motives for adding the ball to your shopping cart:
To begin with, the tool is made of a special foam rubber which will not do harm to your canine. Hence, sensitive skin of your dog will not undergo allergies, rash and irritations. The pet will certainly chew the item and it is important to learn that it will not cause stomatitis, stomach problems or other diseases. Besides, it will not hurt his oral cavity and snout or damage his teeth.
The rubber of which the tool is manufactured can be hardly bitten through and the gear will serve your pet's needs for ages. Moreover, it will exert pleasant influence over his teeth and will do perfectly for dog's dental hygiene as it provides his gums with massage.
If you are searching for some supply which will prolong the meal time of your pet, you'll be able to used this ball! All you need to do is to place some treats or kibble inside the ball and feeding will be turned into a captivating game! Furthermore, the toy will help to deliver from tiresome problem of gulping and bloating.
It will become an exciting news that the tool can be washed with the crockery! Place the outfit in the dishwasher and do not worry it will be spoiled!
If your beloved friend belongs to small or medium size breed, check the available sizes of this Great Dog Toy in the table below.

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Medium - 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) wide, 4 1/3 inch (11 cm) high "Yammy Bobbin" Treat Holder - Chewing Dog Toy - for medium breeds
Large - 4 1/5 inch (11 cm) wide, 5 inches (13 cm) high "Rolling Feeder" Dog Ball - for large breeds

Some facts for proper usage of the stuff to avoid unwanted situations:
  • Always control the pet when playing with the ball.
  • To remove the dirt use your dishwasher or wash the equipment with warm water several times per month.
  • Check the tool from time to time.
  • It is not recommended to give the dog damaged gears.

Take a look at fire plug toy for small breeds in 3D

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