Splendid Jute Dog Bite Tug With Two Handles


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  • Model: TE2521029 Jute Bite tug (6x30cm) 2 handles

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Excellent Safe Jute Bite Tug for Dog Bite Training

Would you like to make your dog's training sessions more efficient and fruitful? Do you need a functional and practical item for this purpose? We would like to present you a supply that meets all the standards of dog training.
The tool is made of the safe stuff and is great for biting skills development and for retrieve training. It is completely handmade and so will last much longer that those supplies which are machine-made. Our masters give much attention to every detail and the equipment can hardly be spoiled.
Provide your doggy with high grade gear from our store!

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  • Super durable nylon handlesGorgeous Jute Dog Bite Tug
  • Tear-resistant exteriorDurable Bite Tug with Two Handles

Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • strong natural material
  • dog-teeth friendly
  • hypoallergenic materials
  • neatly stitched on the edges
  • 2 handles for more convenience

Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • bite work
  • retrieve training


  • width - 2 1/3 (6cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

The bite tug is made of high quality jute fabric which is of plant origin. This stuff is widely used for bite tugs and sleeves manufacturing. It contains no harmful chemical substances and therefore will not cause allergy, skin irritation, rash or itching. Besides, as far as it has no metal or plastic parts, it will save your dog from snout and oral cavity injuries. The surface of the tool is really pleasant to bite.
The stuff used for this item is very strong. It will stand your dog's bites and tugs. Get this indispensable tool for your four-legged friend if you want him to become stronger and stronger. The material will not be worn out even in years of service. The supply is stitched manually for more durability. Thanks to it, the stuffing will not fall out.
This dog training accessory is equipped with 2 nylon handles which will provide you with additional comfort during training sessions. They allow to hold the tug firmly and avoid dog bites. Furthermore, you will be able to manipulate with the item in order to make training sessions more profitable. The handles will not rub your hands or cut into them.
This item is an ideal instrument for retrieve training and bite skills development. Its light weight will not make you feel soon tired, therefore you will spend more time on educating your four-pawed friend.
Do not allow your canine to chew the bite tug. It is not intended for it.

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