Crazy Color Rubber Ball Makes Sound


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  • Model: TT8##1029 (4,8 inch) Rubber ball with spikes and sound when squeezed

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Dog Training Rubber Ball Makes Sound When Squeezed

Do you like the tools of unusual design? Do you want to add bright colors into the everyday life of your four-pawed friend? Then, check this marvelous ball for having fun! The item is acknowledged all over the world as one of the most effective and pleasant dog toys. Its bright color makes the tool easy to find and well-visible. The ball makes a squeaky sound when chewed or squeezed and will provide the dog with hours of joy and happiness! Its special design is pleasant for the canine's gums. Help your pet to stay healthy! Order this immense rubber ball!

Key features of this Dog Ball:

  • Good quality rubber
  • Bright design
  • Makes sound when squeezed
  • Hypoallergenic

Intended use of this Dog Ball:

  • Playing
  • Training
  • Having fun


  • Diameter 4,8 inch (12 cm)

Available colors:

  • Colors may vary

Are you looking for an exquisite item that will color your days into bright? This innovative vinyl dog ball will become your support and assistance for many years! Purchasing this tool you get a splendid ball that makes sound when the canine chews it. The noise trains the pet to stand different irritants.
The tool features premium quality and will serve you for ages if used properly. Therefore, mind that you shouldn't leave your canine without attention when he plays with the ball. Furthermore, the ball is soft and durable at the same time. It means that no matter how sharp your pet's teeth are, he will have no opportunity to damage the product. Still, check it from time to time. The surface of the item will not hurt his snout, so you shouldn't worry about it.
The composition of the material, the ball is manufactured from, is non-toxic, therefore harmless for the pet. The design allows to keep the pet healthy. The dotted surface provides his gums with the immense massage that is an indispensable part of dental hygiene. Keep your four-legged friend in safety with this incredible dog ball!

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