Fire Hose Set of Bite Tugs for Dog Training


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  • Model: TE68#1029 Training set - FH tugs (3 items)

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Ultimate Quality Set of Dog Fire Hose Bite Tugs

Professional bite training requires attentiveness and thoughtfulness. It's a well-known fact that many dog diseases are caused by poor quality gear. The health risks to allergies, stomatitis, rash and different teeth and gums problems are serious and every dog owner should be not only aware of them but try to avoid these after-effects. One of the most popular and simple ways of how to prevent various illnesses is proper equipment purchased for a pet. Due to it, the canine will never feel any discomfort and will be always trained with pleasure.
On this page you can see three incredible bite tugs that will help you in dog's bite education. They will become your reliable helpers in raising an attentive guard and a trustworthy friend. The products are made in accordance with the world standards, that is they feature durability, eco-safety and challenging work for the dog's success. Could you imagine that all the quality characteristics can be combined in each of three absolutely different aids? Hurry up not to miss the chance to buy them!

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  • Padded and stitched training toolsDurable Set of Fire Hose Dog Bite Tugs
  • Equipped with nylon handlesSuperb Set of Bite Tugs for Fruitful Dog Training

Common features of this set of tugs:

  • Made of fire hose
  • Equipped with one/two handles
  • Properly stuffed
  • Extra durable
  • Stitched edges
  • Safe for dog's health

Intended use of this set of bite tugs:

  • Retrieve item
  • Bite work


  • Width - 1 inch (2.5 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Fire hose

When constructing an item for your puppy our craftsmen try to do it as durable as possible. We understand that as he is growing up his biting skills are becoming more developed and it is not easy to find a tool that will fit for his education, therefore we started to use fire hose for creating bite training equipment. It is very strong and sturdy linen that consists of two layers: rubber and canvas. The material contains no toxic components and is totally safe. So, purchasing this gear, you will not take risk of doing harm to your four-pawed friend.á Let's examine the composite tools of the training set:
1. The first item is Super Small Fire Hose Bite Tug. Its size allows a trainer to put the tool in his pocket and to train his four-legged friend wherever he goes. Price of the item is $6.99. Want to learn more? Please, check the accessory here - Fire Hose Strong Bite Tug.

Fits your pocket perfectly

Pocket Fire Hose Puppy Bite Tug

2. The next tool is stuffed with health-friendly filling and equipped with two durable nylon handles. They will not rub your hands and you will be able to train your doggy in absolutely safe conditions. The product costs $16.9. More details can be found on this page - Fire Hose Bite Tug for True Champions.
Padded with safe stuff

Superb Fire Hose Bite Tug

3. The last item in this set of tugs is Incredible Quality Bite Tug. It will become a real godsend for those trainers who want their pet to feel comfortable during studies. The tool is supplied with one handles that prevents handler's upper extremities from bites. The tug costs $9.9. If you want to learn more about the training aid, please, follow the link - Amazing Quality Bite Tug.
Equipped with durable nylon handle

Excellent Quality Fire Hose Bite Tug

Please, note that purchasing this training set you will save $7.09. All the gear is meant for teaching those pets who have been already introduced into bite training. So, if your puppy is just a beginner, you had better look for jute or French linen accessories. Besides, you shouldn't allow your canine to chew the tool as he may spoil the item and hurt himself.

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