Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug With 2 Handles for Dog Training


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  • Model: TE54#1029 Huge Fire Hose Bite Tug

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Stunning Quality Bite Tug for Efficient Dog Training

Already have a few basic tools for efficient dog training? Do you want to reach better results in it? Have a look at our incredible fire hose bite tug! Being made of excellent quality stuff, the gear will act for your canine's training for ages! Just note that it is specially created for education of grown up dogs!
Do not miss the chance to train your doggy profoundly! Buy it right now and make sure it is made of the sturdiest material ever!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffBite Tug for Fruitful Training Sessions
  • Tear-resistant exteriorReliable and Safe Dog Bite Tug

Common features of this bite tug:

  • fire hose cover
  • stitched edges
  • 2 nylon handles
  • stuffed with dog-friendly fabrics
  • handcrafted

Intended use of this bite tug:

  • playing
  • retrieve training
  • dog bite training


  • 3 1/5 inch (8 cm)
  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)

Material used:

  • fire hose

The tool is manufactured from the stunning material, which is usually used in fire service. It can stand water and fire perfectly, saying nothing about your pet's biting. His sharp teeth will never tear the gear made of such a splendid stuff. The item has superb durability and strength, therefore you will enjoy it for a long time.
Be sure all the materials are safe for both you and your dog. The stuff is free of harmful chemicals and will do no harm to your four-pawed friend. So, you will have no need to visit vet's room too often.
The accessory is equipped with special loop-like handles. They enable the owner to hold the bite tug firmly in his hands, far away from the dog's teeth. Besides, they allow to manipulate the supply in order to make training sessions more successful.

  • Fire hose is the stuff that combines rubber and canvas, therefore it will be hard for inexperienced dogs to face the challenge you throw down. If your doggy is no acquainted with this kind of training, teach him with jute or French Linen equipment.
  • The accessory is not intended for chewing. Keep an eye on your pet when training.

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