Marvellous Foam Ball for Dog Training and Playing - Medium


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  • Model: TT19#1029 Foam Dog Ball on a Rope 7,5 cm

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Fantastic Durable and Safe Foam Ball on The Rope for Dog Training

The brightest example of dog training supply for the best owner ever! Want to astonish your pet? Try this Safe and Durable Foam Ball! It is high time to change your training for better! Having this remarkable item your pet will become outstanding in retrieve, fetch, catch and even running activities!
People are used to think that high grade quality equipment costs a lot. But not in this case! The product we offer to you has rather reasonable price! You do not need to pay huge sum of money for quality! You will get this tool almost for nothing!
The gear does not sink and will do even for water activities Do not lose the chance to train your canine everywhere! It will also do for retrieve, fetch and catch activities. Moreover, as far as the toy is extremely lightweight it will be great for running. The stuff can be used even at home. You do not need to worry that you'll break any fragile thing with it! All you need to do is enjoying the time spent with your pet!
Show your love to your doggy with our super-safe tool!

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Bright innovative design of foam dog ball

Perfectly Bright Dog Foam Ball on the Durable Nylon String

Extremely strong colorful rope

Colorful Lightweight Foam Dog Ball

Key features of this Dog Toy:

  • safe foam
  • quality lightweight material
  • water floating
  • strong colorful rope
  • bright innovative design

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • retrieve training
  • basic and most advanced training
  • Having fun during daily walks
  • playing and training

Sizes available:

  • Diameter 3 inch (7,5 cm)
  • Weight 2 oz (65 g)
  • Rope length 14 inch (35 cm)


  • foam
  • nylon string

Need the proof that the stuff is worth buying it?
First of all, you should know that this toy is made of totally safe stuff. That is the reason because of which it will not do harm to your beloved. The item will not injure him, cause rash, irritation, allergies. It is manufactured of non-toxic foam which contains no injurious chemical substances. Your pet will be safe and protected.
Secondly, foam is very lightweight material, therefore, it is possible to use the ball indoors, outdoors and even nearby the water. It will not sink if it falls in water reservoir and your pet will gladly bring it back to you
Owing to the bright design of the toy you will never lose it. So, if you forget it somewhere it will attract your attention by its rich color. But in fact, we suppose your canine will not leave it unsupervised.
It is easy now to grab and throw the toy because of its light-weight. Developing catch, fetch and retrieve skills of the pet will become your favourite activity. The ball flies super far - so more running and playing will make you and your dog healthier and tired! If you work hard all the day long, you'll have good night's rest. You see, that this product is useful not only for your doggy but for you as well.
The gear is supplied with a strong nylon rope which makes it easier for you to grab and throw the ball during your games. Nylon is both safe and durable, so the string will not be torn and will cause no suffers to your canine.
The price of the gear is more than affordable! Hurry up with adding it to your cart!
If you think your doggy needs any other foam ball, check the available sizes of this the similar toys in the table below.

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Large - 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) High Fly Dog Ball on the Rope

Note, please!
  • Check the toy every time before offering to your four-legged friend. Do not give him damaged ball as he may injure himself.
  • Remove all tags, stickers and threads to avoid swallowing.
  • Do not leave the canine without control when playing with the item.
  • Wash the tool several times per month to clean it.

Take a look at dog training ball in 3D

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