Honeycomb Bright Treat Dispensing Dog Ball for Large Dogs - Large

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  • Model: TT23#1029 Tetraflex ball 13cm - Large

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Check the video to see how to use this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Ball

Challenging Large and Bright Tetraflex Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

Do you wake up at night because it seems to you that the ceiling is falling or that burglars have entered your house? Does it appears then that your beloved was just looking for something to have a bite? Or probably he just wanted to play with you because he had slept enough during the day? Anyway, keeping off this kind of situations will assure your sound sleep. Get your pet involved into enticing activity and you'll forget about the nightmares you've had before!
Most dogs prefer balls to the other toys. That's why our manufacturers have created this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Dog Toy. Owing to the shape of the gear it will be easy for your canine to roll and push it. Placing some treats into a special hole you'll provide your doggy with some snack for the night. So, leaving the item in some easy-to-access place you'll guarantee your not waking up in the night.
Protect your sleep with our Safe and Durable Tetraflex Supply!

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  • Bright colorful tetraflexBright Tetraflex Dog Ball Gentle for Dog's Gums and Oral Cavity
  • Has an inner compartment which stores treats or foodTetraflex Large Treat Dispensing Dog Chewing Toy

Key features of this Dog Toy:

  • made of safe non-toxic material
  • stores treats or kibble
  • bright color
  • helps to slow down food gulping
  • designed for interactive treats

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • turns meal time into playtime
  • ideal way to encourage play
  • mental and physical stimulation

Sizes available:

  • large - 5 inch (13 cm)
  • weight 3/5 oz (300 g)


  • special rubber

This Tetraflex Bright Dog Ball has plenty of advantages!
Being made of special durable rubber it can be hardly bitten through, so it will serve you for ages! Besides, it is absolutely safe and will do no harm to your canine. You wonder how to avoid skin irritations, allergies and stomach problems? Add the ball to your cart! You'll never regret for buying it!
As far as the gear has no metal or plastic parts your four-pawed friend will not damage his teeth or injure the oral cavity.
The outfit will turn feeding process into a funny play! It will become exciting not only for your canine but for you as well because it is always interesting to observe the dog trying to get the treats of the toy. Place the food into the opening and it will take pains for your beloved to get it. Besides, the texture of the toy will make your pet think there is some more kibble left in it even when the tool is empty. So, he'll forget about begging for more food trying to reach the non-existing remains. The item is very gentle to the doggy's gums.
It has curved hollows for the dog easy picking it up and carrying in the mouth.
If your beloved friend belongs to small or medium size breed, check the available sizes of this Good-Looking Dog Toy in the table below.

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Small - 3 inch (7 cm) 'Challenging' Tetraflex Dog Ball - treat dispenser for small breeds and young dogs
Medium - 4 inch (10 cm) "Burden-off" Tetraflex Dog Chew Toy - for medium breeds

  • Keep an eye on your pet when playing with the ball.
  • Wash the tool from time to time to remove the dirt.
  • Do not give damaged gear to your pet. Check the toy before offering it.
  • This ball fits for large dog breeds.

Take a look at tetraflex ball for large breeds in 3D

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