2 3/4 inch (7 cm) Solid Rubber Dog Training Ball on String - Large


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  • Model: TT5##1029 Rubber dog Training Ball with Solid Inside (7cm)

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Bright Yellow-Green Full Rubber Dog Ball on the String

Do you want to add bright colors into the daily life of your four-legged friend? Don't you think that a tool that can be used both for training and entertainment is worthier than that suitable for only one purpose? This solid rubber ball on the string is what you need! It will become a great choice if you want to stimulate your dog to achieve the best results in his training. This ball can be used in retrieve, Schutzhund or obedience training. Be sure that with this rubber toy your pet will reach great results!

Rubber ball on the string with dotted surface

Super Bright Non-Toxic Full Rubber Dog Ball

Key features of this Dog Rubber Ball:

  • Best quality rubber
  • High quality rope
  • Solid full rubber body
  • Secure "rope to ball" connection
  • Absolutely safe for your dog

Intended use of this Dog Rubber Ball:

  • Obedience training
  • Training your dog
  • Playing with your dog
  • Schutzhund training
  • Just for fun

Sizes available:

  • Large - 2 3/4 inch (7 cm) diameter
  • 24 inch (60 cm) - length of rope
  • 8 4/5 oz (250 g) - weight

Available colors:

  • Yellow-green

It doesn't matter whether you have an adult dog or just a puppy, this bright ball will keep your dog motivated and bring him much joy during training. This tool is made of the very strong and safe rubber. Such reliable stuff guarantees long servicing of this gear and is completely safe for the health of the dog. Even long time playing is absolutely harmless for your pet.
The toy is supplied with a special nylon rope to allow different kinds of training with it. The rope is securely fixed inside the ball so will not fall out. You can think up different games for your doggy. Use it in different ways. With the help of only one gear you may train your canine retrieve, Schutzhund and just have fun outside! Throwing this ball is very easy due to the long rope. With no effort you will make it fly further than ever. Besides, you can use it for water activities. The item is unsinkable, so get it wherever you go and enjoy the time! Your pet will definitely like this kind of training!
Please, mind:

  • You shouldn't let your pet chew the ball as it is intended for Schutzhund, retrieve and more advanced types of training, not for chewing.
  • Always check the toy before giving it to the pet. Do not let him play with a damaged item.
  • Remove all threads and tags before you offer the product to your dog.
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Take a look at dog training ball in 3D

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