Dog Melon Shape Toy on String - Large


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  • Model: TT11#1029 (2 1/3 inches) Dog melon shape toy

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Healthy Dog Training Toy with Pleasant Smell

Bad breath brings much discomfort as for the dog as for his owner. Have you ever thought of trying to help your furry friend to get rid of it? Very often the reason of this problem is bacteria that are brought into the mouth with the pieces of food. Fortunately, you can fight it with the fabulous mint flavoured chewing ball! The item allows you to fight bad breath, prevent plaque and tartar and to have fun with your beloved canine. It is easy to use and will bring much joy to your pet. Hasten to assure your dog's well-being!

Dog toy on string with menthol smell

Useful Dog Training Toy on String

Key features of this Dog Rubber Toy:

  • High quality rubber
  • Safe for the dog's health
  • Long string with loop for hand
  • Toggle on the end of the string for better grip

Intended use of this Dog Rubber Toy:

  • Supports dental hygiene
  • Prevents tartar
  • Prevents plaque
  • Massages dog's gums
  • Fights bad breath
  • Training toy
  • Training tug toy
  • Retrieve toy

Sizes available:

  • Large
  • Width - 2 1/3 inches (6 cm)
  • Height - 4 inches (10 cm)
  • Weight - 7 7/10 oz (220 g)
  • Length of string - 7 inches (18 cm)

Available colors:

  • Blue

Our experts make this rubber ball of non-toxic materials, therefore your pet will not have any problems with his health. The stuff contains no latex or vinyl, thus it can't cause allergy or skin irritation to your doggy. The ball is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. What is more, it is pleasant for your canine's health as it helps to provide his gums with proper massage. It prevents tartar and plaque. The ball has special craters on the surface that can help to get rid of the pieces of food stuck in the teeth. Besides, it is mint flavoured, so your furry friend will forget about his bad breath forever!
This training toy is equipped with strong nylon rope with a toggle on the end to assure your better grip. It gives you the opportunity to involve your four-legged friend into plenty of games as well as into a training process. Owing to bright design and not plain surface, your pet will be always busy with this ball. The gear is easy to clean if it is necessary.
Please, mind:

  • Do not let your pet chew the ball as it is not meant for chewing.
  • Always check the toy before giving it to the pet. Do not let him play with a damaged item.
  • Remove all threads and tags before you offer the product to your dog.
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