Mind-Boggling Dog Treat Dispenser Toy - Medium


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  • Model: TT36#1029 Treat dispenser half ball - Medium

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Safe Special Rubber Dog Toy for Treat Dispensing

Don't you think that your furry friend needs a developmental toy for his entertainment? Do you want to get one for him? Look at this bright semisphere rubber ball! This item is not an ordinary one. It suits not only for entertainment but for mental stimulation of your furry friend as well. What is more, it can make his meal time much healthier! Put the treats inside the ball and forget about food gulping or swallowing of too big pieces. Take care of your pet's health with the quality equipment from this store!

Dog rubber ball for treat dispensing

Rolling Dog Rubber Chewing Ball

Reliable dog chewing rubber toy with treats

Treat Dispensing Dog Rubber Ball with Treats of Different Sizes

Key features of this Dog Rubber Toy:

  • stores treats and kibble of various sizes
  • dishwashable
  • special everlasting rubber material
  • almost soundless on the floor
  • safe for canines
  • leading-edge bright design

Intended use of this Dog Rubber Toy:

  • challenging game
  • hard chewing
  • intermittent or supplemental feeding
  • rewarding your pet
  • improving dental hygiene
  • prevents dog's anxiety and boredom

Sizes available:

  • weight - 2/5 lbs (175 g)
  • size - 2 x 3 1/2 inches (5 x 9 cm)

Available colors:

  • orange but may vary

Each day treat dispensers gain more and more popularity. The fact is not surprising as apart from having fun with their pets, dog owners take care of their health with the help of this unbelievable product. The supply provides mental and physical development through the interactive game. Playing with this ball, your furry friend will have to chew it a lot to get the treats out. As a result, his gums will be massaged due to the dotted exterior of the item. This assures your canine's dental hygiene.
This ball is manufactured from special rubber to guarantee its long-term service. The material is very strong and can withstand your pet's teeth perfectly. It includes no harmful substances and is completely safe for your dog's health. Besides, the toy has no plastic or metal parts, thus can't injure your four-pawed friend. The tool remains its initial shape no matter how sharp are your dog's teeth.
This nice semisphere ball can store two bits of treats from both sides. Or you can place there pieces of your pet's favourite food and offer the toy to him. It will take some time to get the treats out of the time. Thus, you prevent food gulping and swallowing. So, your dog will not have problems with the meal time anymore.
Please, mind:

  • Ordering one ball you get it only with one treat inside the toy.
  • This treat dispenser goes with only one round treat. If you need delicious kibbles for rewarding your pet, you can order them separately.
  • You do not choose the color of the ball. We send you the gear that is available at the moment.
  • Always check the toy before giving it to the pet. Do not let him play with a damaged item.
  • Remove all threads and tags before you offer the product to your dog.
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Take a look at medium chewing treat toy in 3D

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