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  • Model: TE55#1029 Rolled Jute Bite Tug With Handle

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Incredible Jute Dog Bite Roll for Bite Skills Development

Each doggy needs much attention from his owner and the way you teach your pet to obey your commands, introduce him into various kinds of training means a lot to our four-legged friends. Bite education is an irreplaceable part of any dog teaching. It is of great importance in lots of competitions, therefore, you had better select the gear to train your canine thoroughly. The bite roll, presented on this page will help you to develop your canine's instincts as quick as it is possible. The supply will help your pet stay healthy and will improve his bite grip indeed. Take care of your doggy properly with the innovative jute bite roll!

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High-quality bite roll for dog's biting skills improvement

Stunning Dog Bite Roll

Really strong jute bite roll

Long-lasting Dog Jute Bite Roll

Key features of this Dog Bite Roll:

  • High quality natural jute
  • Light weight
  • Sturdy dog-safe material
  • Easy to grab handle

Intended use of this Dog Bite Roll:

  • Training
  • Proper developing
  • Having fun
  • Developing bite skills


  • Diameter - 2 inch (5 cm)
  • Length - 12 inch (30 cm) - not including handle
  • Weight - 240 g


  • Jute

Are you tired of all the low-quality gear sold on the market nowadays? Do you want to provide your beloved canine only with the top-notch equipment? Then, consider this remarkable jute bite roll. The tool is made of the premium natural material, called jute. It is really safe for the pet's health and can serve you for ages. The material includes no harmful chemical substances in the composition, so is really dependable as far as the dog's health is concerned. The usage of the item will not cause any allergy or skin irritation to the doggy. The stuff is pretty durable, so is tear- and wear-resistant. Your dog's sharp teeth will not spoil it. Furthermore, as the roll has no outer metal or plastic parts, the pet's snout and oral cavity will not be hurt.
The accessory is easy to use. It is supplied with a nylon loop handle that enables a trainer to manoeuvre the roll in order to make the canine's education more effective. The product is really lightweight, so it will not cause any difficulties to you, the handler will not feel tired even after a long training session. The roll is designed to make doggy mature in bite education and help him to succeed in various competitions.

  • It is not a chewing toy, so keep an eye on your doggy playing with the roll.

Take a look at rolled jute dog bite tug

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