Schutzhund Convertible Leather Dog Leash for Training, Walking, Tracking

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  • Model: L113#1029 Multimode Leather Dog Leash

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Multitask Leather Canine Lead with 3 O-Rings and 2 Snap Hooks

Do not want to make strenuous efforts when dealing with Schutzhund trained dog? Then this web-page will be of interest to you. It represents unique accessory – fully leather dog lead that can be turned into several different tools! We know how it is important for every pet handler to have a well-mannered furry pal that is why we have designed the gear. The leash you can see on your monitor right away – is a perfect choice for those who expect their pets to achieve the best results in the training. This leash is elaborated by skilful makers with participation of members of cynological units and representatives from kennel clubs. You can find only copies of this equipment on the markets but it will be hard for you to purchase its duplicates. Its design is a merit of our manufactures who always meet all the safety and quality standards when fabricating dog goods.

This leash can be short and long; dog training or walking will be successful and pleasant with this accessory. Full grain leather is strong and durable natural material, eco-friendly one, non-toxicant or poisonous, so it was chosen for manufacture of this lead. This leather crack-resistant and does not stretch whatever power training dog has. It is oiled for better strength and longer life duration. Disappointed in functionality of canine leases? This very lead will not let your down. Below you can read more and more about this special pet supply and decide if this item meets your expectations or not.

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffLeather Dog Leash for Training and Walking
  • Hand-stitched with wax coated threadSafe Multimode Leather Dog Leash

Key features of this Dog Leash Made of Leather:

  • Full grain leather
  • 1/2 inch wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Handmade
  • Multifunctional
  • Hand stitched
  • 2 brass plated snap hooks
  • 3 O-rings
  • Brass covered fittings
  • Increased durability

Intended use of this Leather Canine Lead:

  • Over 7 dog activities


  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This lead is a one-in-eight tool - learn how to benefit from it to the full:

Hands-free dog article. There is no need for you to always hold the handle the walking your leashed pet – make a loop of it and wear on your shoulder! How to do that? Easier than you think! Wrap your upper body with this lead so as to make it go over your shoulder and across your back. Connect "free" snap hook to the floating O-ring. Attach your pet to the other snap hook and go!

Waist–way. Wrap your waits around with this lead and attach one clip to the floating O-ring – the other clip is to be attached to your dog.

Choke collar. You have not only leash but also a collar – these 2 accessories are combined in the product shown here. Modify this gear as described in the first 2 paragraphs but the difference is the lead must be around the neck of your pet.

Tether a pet of yours when you need to leave him for short period of time or train him more hard. Find an object to wrap this lead around and go shopping!

A couple of dogs can be walked at once now! Attach a one dog to each of the hook and hold the tool in the middle!

Use this lead as it is – on its full length.

3.5 (105 cm) ft Leash. Fasten the snap hook to the O-ring sewed near the other snap hook.

20 ft traffic leash. Make a 3.25’ Leash and then grab the floating O-ring and slide it to the end opposite the clipped ends. Then slide the ring back to the snap hooks and hold this leash in half. Using the same clip that is connected to the fixed O-ring, attach the floating ring.

From : Julie K
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hello Guy,
I am writing to commend you on the quality of the equipment you have again provided me! I have a working Malinois and Dogue de Bordeaux, both outfitted with your agitation harnesses. The padding has saved the fur and skin on both my dogs, and can work in them for hours! The Agitation muzzle is superbly ventilated and so suited for my climate.

Also I love your multi-purpose leads, very easy on the hands. No one believes their strength, but having a 120 pound dog hit the end hard time after time has shown the quality! I cannot find anything made in Australia that can rival your quality and price, and I recommend you to everyone I meet!

Thanks, will definately be back for more!


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