New Reliable Jute Puppy and Young Dog Bite Builder


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  • Model: PBB1J1029 Puppy bite builder made of Jute

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Dog Jute Bite Builder Stitched for More Durability

Young dogs do not have enough strength to protect you but they are ready to learn how to do that! But before you start training you need to find proper equipment for your young pet. We are glad to present you this Jute Bite Developer made of the best materials which meet all the demands of professional dog trainers. The tug is use-proven and we can proudly claim that it was approved by professionals!
Jute material is famous for its durability and safety. It is one of the most popular fabrics which are lately used for bite tugs producing. It will perfectly stand pressure and pulling of your four-pawed friend.

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1 inside padded handle

Durable and Safe Young Dog and Puppy Bite Builder

Extremely strong stuff used for the tool

Jute Bite Developer Equipped with 2 Side and One Inside Hard Padded Handle

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 2 round side handles for better control
  • 1 padded hard handle inside
  • Natural safe jute materials
  • Durable material
  • Nylon loop for leash attachment
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppy

When this Bite Builder is needed:

  • Basic puppy bite training
  • Building full bite grip
  • Building better position grip
  • Building stronger grip

This Jute Bite Builder is amazingly helpful in your dog's training! To say more, it is very lightweight and easy in usage. You will not feel tired soon due to its lightness. It is equipped with 3 handles which create extra comfort for the handler. 2 side handles and 1 hard padded inside handle allow hold this gear firmly during training session and manipulate with it in different ways to build up difficulties before the young biter. The design of the product was made specially for puppies and it helps to develop better bite grip under the right angle. It can be used for different types of training.
Jute fabric is used for producing many bite tugs. It is will serve you or many years. So, when your puppy grows older and you get another one you'll be able to train him with this item! Time does not frighten this tool!
The gear contains no substances which can do harm to canine's health. Your doggy will not be exposed to different diseases caused by poor equipment. Beside, it has no metal or plastic parts which can injure your canine. So, train your beloved in safety and forget about danger!

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