Ultra Leather Dog Tug Toy with 2 Handles


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  • Model: TE4421029 Leather Bite Tug(6x30cm) 2 handles

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Stunning Leather Bite Tug of Special Design for Dog Training

Can't find a perfect bite tug for your doggy? Do you want it to be durable and reliable? Then this splendid gear is what you exactly need! This product is handcrafted specially for your four-pawed friend. It is manufactured from ecologically friendly materials that will help you to train your beloved canine safely.
The supply will serve you for a long period of time. So, hurry up to get this wonderful pocket toy for successful dog training!

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  • Super lightweight accessoryAmazing Dog Leather Bite Tug
  • Tear-resistant exteriorHandcrafted Leather Dog Bite Tug

Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • durable leather
  • 2 easy-to-grab handles
  • neat double stitching
  • proper soft material stuffing

Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • advanced bite training
  • retrieve building tool


  • 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) wide
  • 12 inch (30 cm) long

Available colors:

  • may vary

If you feel that it is time to start advanced training of your dog, you should pay attention to this sturdy leather bite tug. It will help you to make your canine's bite grip harder and stronger.
The accessory is made of high quality full grain genuine leather. This very gear is stitched of selected natural material that is approved by veterinarians and dog trainers. It has water-proof surface that doesn't absorb wet and dust. Moreover, it is easy to clean.
The bite tug is intended for advanced dog exercises, so before you use it, your four-legged friend should be acquainted with bite training. It is made of totally safe material and will not do harm to the dog and he will not get allergy or skin irritation.
The supply is equipped with two durable nylon handles. They are stitched reliably to the both sides of the item and can hardly be torn. These handles enable the trainer to hold the tug firmly and to manoeuvre with it in order to make training session more fruitful.
Please, note:

  • You shouldn't allow your dog to chew the gear. He may tear it and you will not be able to use it for training purposes any more.
  • Use the item only with advanced in bite training dogs.

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