Premium Stainless Steel Neck Tech Dog Collar - 50051 010 (55) 19 inch (48 cm)

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  • Model: HS38#1029 50051 010 (55) Neck Tech Fun

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Marvelous Neck Tech Dog Collar for Misbehaving Pets

Are you tired of the constant problems with your four-legged friend? Do you think that your canine can reach much better results in training if only he stops misbehaving? Educate your dog with this superior neck tech collar and get rid of the pet's misbehavior easily! Even if you own a large pet, the item will tame his airs! The product can stand heavy load of the dog and is perfect in control of his behavior! Buy it and train your four-pawed friend with pleasure!

Equipped with a clicklock system

Super Strong Neck Tech Dog Collar

Key features of this Dog Neck Tech Collar:

  • Rust resistance
  • ClickLock system
  • D-ring for leash attachment
  • Guaranteed tensile strength 200 kg
  • Extra strong
  • Suitable for all breeds and crossbreeds

Intended use of this Dog Neck Tech Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Safe walking

Sizes available:

  • 19 inch (48 cm)


  • Stainless steel

This Herm Sprenger collar is manufactured from the durable stainless steel. The material has plenty of advantages over the normal steel, used for production of such supplies. It is especially helpful in coastal areas where steel chains will become rusty already in the shops. Besides, many dogs like water very much, so this supply will serve you for long. Many accessories made of normal steel become dull after contact with water and wetness. This one will not.
Even though, the collar has lots of advantages, the material doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. It is non-toxic and totally safe for the dog's health. The accessory is supplied with a new ClickLock system, that can undergo loads of 440 lbs (200 kg). The red slider fixes the lock safely, so that it saves accidental unlocking of the collar.
The initial length of the product is 19 inch (48 cm) but you can add or remove links if you want to make the supply smaller or bigger. Each link can add 1 1/4 inch (3 cm) to the product. Mind, that the links for all models of neck tech collars can be added or removed using needle nose pliers only.
Please, note:

  • The collar shouldn't be worn on small dog breeds and puppies.
  • Use it only for behavior correction and walking of misbehaving pets.
  • You can order removable nylon protector for the product. It is intended to lessen contact with water, protect against excessive light reflection and makes the tool less noisy.
  • If you need a collar of another size, check the table, please:

    Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
    Neck Tech collar 24 inch (60 cm) long New Neck Tech Stainless Steel Dog pinch collar

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