Marvellous French Linen Puppy Bite Tug


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  • Model: TE33#1029 Dog bite tag made of french linen

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Durable Synthetic "French Linen" Bite Tug for Puppy Training

Do you enjoy playing with your puppy? Would you like to involve him into more serious activities? With the tug we are going to introduce you it is possible to combine teaching and playing. So, neither you nor your dog will feel bored because of tiresome training sessions.
The item is rather small and as it is intended for puppy training, it is totally dog-health safe. We do not want your pet to suffer and create our gear only according to the highest international standards. As all the stuff is dog-friendly, you shouldn't worry about the canine's health. So, start your puppy training right now and bring up a champion!

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  • Tear-proof and durable bite tugDependable Puppy Training Bite Tug
  • Tear-resistant exteriorFabulous French Linen Bite Tug

Key features of this Effective Puppy Bite Tug:

  • dog safe materials
  • made of synthetic "French Linen"
  • stitched on the edges
  • extra strong
  • hypoallergenic
  • equipped with one handle

Intended use of this Puppy Bite Tug:

  • retrieve item
  • developing bite skills


  • width - 1 3/4 (4 cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • French Linen

We want you to have no problems in dog education and create only high grade equipment! Would you like to earn more about our new French linen bite tug? Read the further information!
As the item is made of absolutely safe stuff it will never cause any allergy, skin irritation, rash or itching to your beloved pet. It is also absolutely harmless to you as one of the active participants of any training session. So, when you start using this tool, you do not take risks and can be sure you and your puppy are in safety.
The material used for the item is very strong. It will stand your puppy's biting and tugging and will serve you for ages. It is tear- and wear-resistant. The accessory has no metal or plastic parts and will not injure the dog's snout or oral cavity.
The gear is supplied with a nylon loop that is often used as a handle. It will not rub or cut into your skin. The handle allows to hold the supply firmly during training session and to manipulate with it. Moreover, as the bite tug is lightweight, you will not feel tired even after long exercising.
Please, keep an eye on your doggy! Use the item only for retrieve training or bite skills development. Do not allow your dog to chew it.

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