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  • Model: TEB##1029 Schutzhund agitation bamboo stick

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Improbable Dog Bamboo Agitation Stick with the Covered Handle

Have you already started training your pet? If not, or you constantly face problems with his behavior you should necessarily try this agitation stick! The tool will certainly lead you and your four-pawed friend to success! If having an obedient and dutiful pet is still your daydream, turn it into reality with this great agitation stick! The tool serves the purposes of education for many years and has the call. Here you have an almost unique opportunity to purchase it! Be sure, that with the help of this stick your dog will no longer fear the noise! He will be totally concentrated on your commands and obey them implicitly. Hurry up to get this wonderful agitation stick for your pet!

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Natural material used for the agitation stick

Stunning Dog Agitation Stick

Is produced from the safe sutff

Bamboo Stick for Dog Schutzhund Training

Key features of this Dog Training Stick:

  • made of bamboo
  • tape covered handle grip

Intended use of this Dog Training Stick:

  • Schutzhund training
  • agitation training
  • bite sleeve training


  • makes noise


  • bamboo

Don't be upset if you haven't purchased this agitation stick yet. You always have a chance to do it at this store! The equipment sold here is thoroughly selected to meet the needs of such careful dog owner as you are. Therefore, the best gear can be found only here! And this bamboo agitation stick is not an exception! It is manufactured from the picked out bamboo and is completely safe for the health of your canine!
The stuff, used for the production of this training device will astonish you with its long service if you keep to the simple rules of using this tool. Firstly, you shouldn't use it to punish the pet for his poor behavior. We understand that the idea of such application is preposterous, but things happen. Do not also hit the stick on the ground as it can break. Mind, that this accessory is needed only to make some sound during the process of education in order to teach the dog to obey commands unmindful of the distractions. Use this tool for Schutzhund training, agitation training and bite sleeve training.

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