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  • Model: TE39#1029 French Linen Dog Bite Pad 3 handles

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Strong French Linen Dog Bite Pad with 3 Handles

Is your doggy sick and tired of the teaching process? Do you feel bored because of searching for new gear to train him? If your answer is "yes" to the both questions, then we have a product that will make you interested. The bite pad, presented on this page, is a tool that will leave neither you nor your four-pawed friend indifferent! The tool is of high quality, comfy to hold and safe to use. This bite pillow will help you to develop your canine's bite skills perfectly. See the information below and choose only premium products for training your pet!

Non-toxic bite pillow for dog teaching

Remarkable Dog Bite Pad for Efficient Training

Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • Hypoallergenic stuffing
  • Durable French Linen material exterior
  • Light weight
  • Three full grip comfortable handles
  • Wide bite area surface
  • Stitched for additional strength

Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

  • Dog bite skills improving
  • Protection work training


  • Width - 8 1/2 inch (23 cm)
  • Length - 13 inch (33 cm)


  • French Linen

Meet a really incredible item on this page! This bite pillow is made of the premium quality synthetic material often used for the production of bite and retrieve training equipment. The stuff is approved by the professionals and can look like new for long. French linen is super durable and it doesn't need any special care. The stuff can stand bites and tugging of the sharp teeth not being spoiled.
Besides, the gear is completely health-safe as it includes no injurious chemicals in the composition and is filled with the harmless stuff. The surface of the pad is pretty pleasant to bite and the item itself is quite soft. It has no metal or plastic parts that may damage the canine's teeth.
The pad is easy in use. It is supplied with three sturdy full grab handles that are securely stitched to its sides. The handles enable to choose the proper angle for the doggy to bite. They also save hands from accidental injuries and cannot rub the hands. The pillow is lightweight and is available in wide and extra wide sizes. When using this tool for improvement of the pet's bite skills, protection work training, retrieve and Schutzhund training, you will be completely satisfied with the results. Hurry up to provide your pet with a worthy teaching supply!

Take a look at dog bite pad in 3D

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